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Home Alone With My Sister Jessica

(Part 1 from 4)

Growing up with 2 sisters was a real pain sometimes, but it also had some benefits. Most of the time I couldn't even get into the bathroom without their permission. It did mean that I always had my own room. And on a couple occasions I had seen Jessica and Jackie come out of the bathroom topless. I even caught a brief glimpse of Jessica's bush one day when she was rushing down the hall and her towel happened to fall. She looked at me and smiled as she quickly pulled it back up. I still remember her dark mound of hair between her legs. It still gets me hard just thinking about it.

One day, Jackie was spending the night at a friendís house. mom and dad were out and about somewhere. I was in my room listening to music when I heard Jessica running a shower. Man if it's not one sister it's the other I thought to myself. A few minutes passed and I heard the water stop. Jessica peeked into my room. Hey Adam, she called. Oh, hey what's up Jessica, I said. Ah can I borrow a CD from you, she asked. Yeah sure help yourself I told her as I pointed to my CD's. She walked in my room with a towel wrapped around her. Let's see, she said as she rummaged through my CDís. I could see the towel rising up just a little as she hunched over to them. Damn I thought, almost but not quite. It didn't quite rise up far enough to see anything.

This is the one I want, she said. As she turned back towards me her towel got caught on something and literally was ripped off her. She was startled. I looked right at her naked body. Her perky little titties, and the dark patch of hair between her legs definitely got my attention.

Jessica instantly tried picking up the towel, but it was stuck on something. She tugged a few times, but it didn't seem to budge. She looked back at me. What are you looking at, she said. Ah, nothing I guess, just my naked sister trying to get her towel. Very funny, Jessica said. I just kept watching her tugging on the towel trying to free it.

Well that's real great, she said. I was thinking yeah, this is great. Fuck it then, she yelled. She looked back at me and I was still starring at her. You got a starring problem mister, she said. Well, what do you expect, I replied. I'll give you something to stare at, she yelled. Then she turned around so she was facing me. She put her hands on her hips and just stood their buck naked right in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Well how's this you little pervert. I was stunned I was at a loss for words., was all I could get out. That's it have a good look, she said. Woo Baby...I managed to mumble. Yeah I thought you'd like it, Jessica said. I felt my cock stirring in my pants and knew I was getting hard. You are beautiful Jessica, I told her. She blushed slightly. My eyes became focused on the swirls of dark hair between her legs. You like my pussy don't you, she said running her hands through her bush. I just nodded my head yes.

She walked towards me as I continued gazing at her mound of hair. Am I making you hard, she asked? I nodded my head yes again. You are a very naughty boy, Jessica said. Naughty boys get a beating, she told me.

She sat down on my bed next to me. Now take off your pants, young man. What, I asked. You heard me don't argue with me; take them off, Jessica said. I did as I was told. I took my pants off and tossed them to the floor. The raging hard on in my underwear was very apparent. Now your undies, she said. No way, I replied. Yes way, she yelled reaching for the waistband of my underwear. She started tugging them down. I held them up for a few tugs, but she managed to get them down to my knees. My rock hard cock sprung free and I was scared and a little embarrassed.

Now that's better, she said. I felt her hand on my cock. Hey what are you doing, I asked. I told you naughty boys get a beating. I'm going to beat your meat, she giggled. She started stoking my cock. Nice gently strokes, up and down. But...but...I mumbled. But nothing, she said.

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