High School Hung Pt. 1

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Puberty hit me hard towards the end of eighth grade. I had to deal with some pretty bad acne and being physically bigger than all the other kids. I also took notice that my penis became considerably longer and thicker. I would tug on it and it would grow more. The briefs I wore were extremely tight and I measured myself at a limp 5 inches and a hard 6 ½ inches. I was too embarrassed to ask my conservative mother any questions, so I chose not to wear underwear underneath my pants.

School went fine and I continued going to class without concerns. The other kids did make fun of me due to my height and commented on my pimples, but I was quite popular with everybody. However, with only 2 days of school left, summer was approaching and it became warmer outside. I came to school one day going commando in my little shorts. The freedom, draft and constant rubbing against the smooth cloth gave me a good feeling. We just finished our recess and settled down for class. While my female teacher tried to give us a history lesson, my penis began to harden. Soon a large tent was formed in my shorts and I became quite worried. I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom, Mrs. P said no, but saw I was fidgety. She walked over to me and saw my erection behind my last row desk. Mrs. P said I could leave and strolled beside me on the way out to block the view of the other children.

When in the hallway, Mrs. P kept her eyes on my boner while it diminished and she told me I should probably meet with the guidance/health counselor after class. I returned to my seat and waited through the boring lesson for my meeting to come. After class, Mrs. P accompanied me to see Ms. Fost. I was embarrassed because I had to deal with my issue of manhood in front of only women.

Ms. Fost sat on her desk while Mrs. P had her arm on my shoulder and was positioned next to me. Mrs. P explained how I got an erection in class and how it disrupted my learning. Ms. Fost went on to tell me not to worry about it and that I was just hitting puberty quicker than everyone else. She said how I only had one more day of school left and would have the summer to develop and become a man. She said I would occasionally achieve an erection and to just try to hide it or find a secluded place to masturbate. She assured me that I would probably grow to the average erection of 5-6 healthy inches and should not be ashamed of myself. Mrs. P then butted in with, “from what I have seen, he probably already surpassed expectations. Ms. Fost, his dick is unnaturally large for his age and I believe he will have problems hiding a dick of that size. And what about sex, if he grows in length and girth, the inexperienced girl he is with will probably feel great pain. Ms. Fost retorted with, “You are being very unprofessional. Penis scale has very little to do with sex and he is only fourteen. Instead of worrying him about the future, we should help him now. I am going to call his mother and have a physical scheduled for him so the doctor can check to see if he is fine.” 

All the talk about my penis got me riled and I soon was sporting wood. I was shocked to hear they were going to call my mother and was concerned of what her reaction would be. I pulled down my shorts and began sulk while I stared at the reason I was going to be in trouble. Ms. Fost turned her head away from the conversation and her eyes went directly to my cock and balls. She gasped and put her hand over her small breast. Mrs. P looked down and said, “Holy shit.” They both stared at my thick erection for some time before a word came out. With all of the attention, my dick finally became soft and rested upon my thigh. Ms. Fost said, “That was not appropriate, but did help me understand your dilemma. I believe that having a penis of that size will have many positive outcomes. But, the reason for the doctor’s appointment is to check if everything is healthy and to get suggestions how to properly dress and protect your endowment. You are a good looking young man and when puberty is over, your skin will clear up and you will possess a penis that many men will be jealous of and many women would be interested in. People say size does not matter, I just said that a few minutes ago, but you have the ability to have great confidence when nude and have a sexual edge over most men.”

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Mrs. P said, “I agree with you, Russ has already an all-around larger penis than my husband. You will probably have no competition in this all white school. The thought of how big it will be after puberty should be exciting. The first girl to get a crack at you is in for a treat. There is no need to be embarrassed, if your dick impresses me, just think about all the young and beautiful girls out there.”

I took my limp dick and shoved it into my shorts as the two watched. I explained to them that I appreciated their positive opinions, but what concerned me was what my mom would think. I explained her conservative and strict nature and how she would not care about my size, only how I behaved and performed well in school. Ms. Fost acknowledged my concern and told me she would just tell my mom that I needed a physical soon for the upcoming High School sports. I thanked the two and went home.

By the time I got home my mom was already contacted and told me I had an appointment in two days. I went to my room and wrote the days events in my journal. I thought about all the girls I had a crush on. I masturbated and some white stuff shot out of my dick. It felt so good and slept nude that night with extra confidence.

The day came in which I had my doctors appointment. I had an older female doctor and my mother insisted in being in the room with me. The normal routine of weight, temperature and blood pressure was run through and then she told me to undress to my underwear and put on a robe-like thing. She left while I was supposed to prepare. My mother just looked at me while I took off my shirt, then I dropped my pants. I had on an older pair of briefs that were exceptionally tight and it enhanced my bulge as my beefy balls and long shaft were clearly defined.

My mother gave a deadpan stare at my genitals until I had my robe on. She said, “so that is why we are here. You have started to become a man. Ms. Fost told me all about your large gift. Did you think I would be mad? I am actually proud that I have a well hung son. You are very lucky, because your father has a measly two inches and you are more than double his length soft. However, we are here to check your health and get advice. If I find out you have sex before you turn eighteen you will be thrown out of the house. You focus on school and then you can have fun.” That actually went better than I thought. And I then sat and waited for the doctor to reenter. 

The doctor came in to listen to my heartbeat and prod my body while I was on the examination table. The anticipation of her seeing my genitals made me semi-hard. She told me to disrobe and I stood there in my underwear. She said, “first bit of advice is you need more room, like larger underwear or boxers. Lets dropped the briefs now and see how it is going.” I completely took them off and stood there relieved that I had space to hang out. I was at full length without an erection and felt confident while standing there. My mom looked in astonishment and the doctor said, “Well, you are already a big boy, but the sparse pubic hair indicates that you still have a way to go. Your testicles look full-size and healthy, but I need to check.” She then reached out and squeezed my right nut. I instantly became erect from the touch of her soft hand. She looked down and smiled while telling me that erections are natural. She finished the turn your head and cough routine and told me to dress. I pulled up my pants, but could not zip up because of my flesh post. The doctor turned around and mischievously snapped her latex gloves at my dick. “I suggest you also buy a cup for football next year to protect your genitals. Once your arousal subsists, please go to the bathroom and give us a urine sample.” She gave one quick glance down and left the room.

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