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Great Mom Pt.1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am a divorced mom; I have three teenage kids, two sons and a daughter whom all live with me. I guess the seeds for my ....relationship were always around. When the kids were young I would always let them see me naked, whether I was in the tub or in my room changing. I never thought anything of it, then.

It all started when I 'caught' my high school aged sons jacking off. I never, at first, walked in on either one doing it. One day I had gone up to my oldest sons room, Ryan, he had left the door open just a bit, I peeked in and saw him lying naked on his bed. He was holding a magazine on his lap, just in front of his cock but I could see the motion his arm and hand stroking his prick. The same thing happened with my younger son, Hunter, only I saw him in the bathroom by looking at his reflection in the mirror. I never said anything to either of them; it is, after all, only natural for guys to jack-off; especially with teenage boy’s. I kinda of thought it was cute and funny. 

After a couple of weeks I noticed something odd, they were always using the same exact magazine and they never turned the pages, they always seemed to jack off to the same picture; from what I saw as I would watch them. One day while all the kids were over their fathers’ house, I decided to find their magazine. It took me quite a while, they had it very well hidden. It was a regular nudie magazine, just looking at the cover. I decided to flip through it, curiosity I guess I wanted to see if I could figure out which woman had their lustful attention. There were a lot of attractive women in it. I noticed one the pages in the middle was different then the others so I turned to that page. My jaw dropped at what I saw. It was an 8 x 10 picture of me! They had found one of my risqué pictures I had taken for their father, my ex. It was myself in some sexy lingerie, you could not see my nipples or my pussy but it was still provocative. I could see some dried cum stains on my picture! 

At first I was extremely angry and I felt humiliated and violated. I was about to tear the picture out but suddenly my horniness and lust took over. I suddenly thought to myself, here they had a magazine with all these hot, naked women and they were jacking off like crazy to a picture of their mom in clothes! Guys always tell me I am hot, I am 5’ 1”, 100 lbs., long blonde hair with 34C tits (which look bigger on my body frame) and I have large nipples. I never thought of myself as a hot mom! The more I thought about my sons thinking about me, thinking about fucking me or knowing teenage guys, thinking about me sucking their cocks, and shooting their wad’s over my picture, it really got my incestuous lust going. I had to do something, I just didn’t know what. So I decided to put the magazine back and not say anything to them....just yet. 

A couple of day's after my sons came back from spending the weekend with their father, as I suspected my sons would be back to beating off to "me". I purposely made sure my sons had no time alone...time to jack off, I wanted them to suffer for a bit; which I enjoyed. I could see them walking around with raging hard-ons and not being able to take care of it must have been a torture to them. I was down in my office, my office is in my home, I noticed Ryan had gone upstairs for awhile. I stopped and just listened, I heard his TV was on, so I knew he must be stroking his cock like wild man. I quietly made my way upstairs and slowly turned the knob on his door. I opened the door just enough to peek in and sure enough; my son was going at his cock like there was no tomorrow. He had that damn magazine in front of his cock, I suddenly wanted to see my sons’ erect cock, I really had a desire to see his cum spurting out of it, especially knowing it was all for me, his hot mom. He was moaning away, I heard him say "Oh yeah, oh fuck mom, yeah do it." Standing there in the hall, just imagining what he was thinking about pushed me over the edge. I decided it was time to take some action. 

I opened the door and walked right into his room. My son freaked. "Oh shit! Mom! Oh NO!" He quickly closed the magazine and tried to stuff it under his bed. I could not believe how good his red, wet prick looked. I liked how he didn't even think of covering up first. All my son was worried about was hiding that magazine, hmmm I wonder why. As I thought of that, I smiled. "Please Ryan, I have seen your cock before, when you were young." Still in shock he just lied there and put his hands over his shaft. "Why didn't you knock!" I sat down on the bed next to him. "What are you doing mom? Get out!" "Don’t be embarrassed son. Every guy masturbates." I glanced down at his crouch hoping to see his cock up close, no luck so I reached for the magazine. "Can I look at this. I want to see what woman has my sons lust." He quickly took his hands off his cock and grabbed the magazine out of my hand. "NO! Please don’t look at it...there is nobody in there in particular." 
"Ok, ok Ryan...I will let it be your fantasy woman." Now did get a great look at my sons cock. It was about 7 or so inches long, red/purple, covered in pre-cum. Part of me wanted to bend over right there and slide his prick into my mouth but I couldn't do it. "Stop looking at my dick mom." "Why? There is nothing to be embarrassed of; it is a very good size. I think your fantasy woman would be happy with it" I flashed him a smile. My son relaxed a bit, his cock started to become flaccid, which I did not want right now. "Tell me the truth Ryan, I have you ever had a woman stroke your cock and get you off?" "Mom! I can't believe you asked me that. No. I haven’t had any girl touch me." He looked so pitiful, which turned me on. "Can I jack you off?" I asked my son. Shocked he just stared at me but I noticed his cock twitched a bit. "But you are my mom, that would be weird, that would be incest. ‘Right, I bet you think it is weird’, I thought to myself. 

I acted innocent and responded, "I am a woman, aren't I attractive?" My son said in a low voice, yes you are kinda hot but. I thought for a moment and said "Well, you could just pretend I am the woman in that magazine. You could just imagine that it is her stroking your cock, couldn't you?" I saw the lust flash in his eyes and I knew I had him. My son thought for a few moments then said, "Yeah I think I could do that but still you are my mom." "So, we just won't tell anyone, Ok? Right now, I am just your fantasy woman." My son didn’t say anything else, he laid back and I slowly reached for his hardening prick. His cock felt so good in my hand, it was so wet and sticky with his pre-cum, and I never have seen that much pre cum on any other man’s cock! I slowly began to stroke it up and down. My son started to moan, "Ooooh, that feels so good. Yeah do it faster. You are really good mom." I speed up my stroking of his wet, hard shaft; I loved looking at his piss slit seeing his pre-cum oozing out of it. With my other hand, I reached down and started to fondle his balls. He looked down at his cock, down at his mom's hands working his balls and prick and he got a glazed look on his face. 

"Are you doing ok hon? Are you able to picture me as your fantasy woman, even though I am your mom?" "Oh yeah...I am not...having...a problem. Just don’t stop." he responded through his heavy breathing. "Faster, please go faster. I am beginning to get close cumming." "Already? Wow, this woman does make you horny. I am jealous, I wish I could make men cum this fast for me." I used to be a topless dancer, which my kid’s didn’t know. It turned me on so much, knowing I was making the guys I danced for hard and they would be thinking about me when they went home and jacked off or when they were fucking their girlfriends but this was turning me on, on a much deeper, more lustful, level. 

Then my younger son, Hunter, walked in on us, he came in the door, not realizing what was going on. "Hey are you done with that magazine..." He stood there in stunned, seeing his mom jacking-off his brother, her son. I thought to myself ‘hey, they had that picture of me but of course they did not know I found it or even knew I knew they were getting off thinking about me.’ I just turned to face him, still stroking my older sons’ cock, "Oh so you jack-off to that magazine picture as well? I caught your brother jacking-off, so I asked him if he would like to have a woman do it for him. I said he could pretend I was who ever it was in that magazine. he was getting himself off to. Of course he won’t let me see the magazine." I turned and smiled at my son, but he was too glazed over in pure pleasure and lust. I could tell he was getting very close to releasing his load. "Get....the.... fuck ....out Hunter!" Ryan tried to yell. "Now don’t yell at your brother like that." I slowed down my stroking; I didn’t want my son to cum just yet. " "Look Hunter. If you would like, I would be happy to jack you off, after I am done with your brother. That is if you can pretend I am one of those women in that magazine. Would you like that?" "yyyess mom." Hunter stuttered a bit back to me. "Ok, well take that magazine. and wait for me in your bedroom." Hunter quickly raced to the bed, grabbed the magazine and ran out to his room.

I returned my attention to my son Ryan and went back to stroking his cock, good and fast. I could tell my son was ready to cum, his breathing was increasing, and he was moaning and squirming around. My own pussy was wet and I was getting pleasure of my own, I really wanted my son to lick and suck my pussy right then and there but I could not bring myself to have him do that, well not then. I got down on my knee's in-between my sons legs, so I was looking right up to his face as I stroked his glistening wet shaft. "Oh yeah, don’t stop, please don’t stop, faster, that’s it faster. I'm gonna cum, oh I gonna cum!" my son was almost shouting out to me. He would look at me stroking his cock with a lustful, glaze that I have never seen in a man before when I was either fucking them, sucking them or giving them a hand job. I leaned down closer to the tip of my sons cock, his piss slit was just beginning to spit out small spurts of pre-cum and cum. "That’s it Ryan, you can cum." In a very low voice I said, "cum for mom, give mom all of your hot, sticky cum." I was not expecting the geyser of cum that was about to erupt from my son’s shaft. I was stroking my sons cock as fast as I could go, my son was moaning that he was gonna cum, then he yells out. "Here it cum's, here it cums, I'm… I’m' gonna cuuuuummmm!" With that my sons first spurt of thick, hot cum shot out of his prick and landed on my lower lip and chin. Instinctively I licked my sons’ gob off of my lip, he had his eyes closed, too bad he missed seeing his mom lick and swallow his cum. I raised my head up as the next spurts of cum fired out of Ryan’s cock and landed on my arm. I aimed his cock up a bit more as the large portion of my sons cum load erupted out. I could feel his cock pumping spurt after spurt of his salty, hot, white, thick cum out of his shaft. I counted about six more good-sized spurts of cum! I have never had a man cum for me that much! My sons cock, stomach and my hands were covered with his hot, cum. I could not believe how much he came! And to think, this was all for me, his mom. 

I grabbed some tissue he had on the bed next to him. I cleaned off my sons cum from his stomach with my free hand as I slowly milked the remaining cum out of his cock, then I cleaned up his cock. I smiled at him, my son his cum on my arm and the gob on my chin and started to apologize, I told him not to worry, and it was not the first time I had cum on my face. I figured I would tease him with that. I went into my bathroom; my hands were covered in my sons cum. As soon as I shut my bathroom door, I snaked my tongue out and licked up the remaining cum off my chin. My sons cum tasted so good! I looked down at my arm and slowly, with one long lick, I scooped up my sons’ load he left me on my arm with my tongue. I kept it on my tongue and looked at it in the mirror. Then I slowly swallowed it. I licked clean my fingers then washed them off in the sink. I went to my other sons room, I could not wait to see how much he would cum for me, how much he would cum for his mom and I couldn't wait to taste his cum too. 

Hunter was lying on his bed, naked, his shaft was dripping pre-cum as he was staring at that picture of me in the magazine; the picture I was not supposed to know about. "Are you ready Hunter? I don’t have to jack you off if you don’t want me too." "Oh no mom, I....I want you to." I smiled at him, "Are you sure, you don’t sound it. Are you sure you can pretend your mother is just one of those women you fantasize?" He smiled back at me; I could see him glancing from my picture to looking at my tits and pussy as I stood in front of him. His cock got harder and a small stream of pre-um was flowing out of his piss slit. His cock was about the same size as his brother. I sat down on the bed next to him and grabbed his cock. As I slowly stroked it, allowing his pre-um to coat my fingers, I said to him. "You and your brothers cocks are bigger than your fathers." "Really?" he responded. "Yep, much bigger. His was about 5 inches or so. I am sure any woman would like your cock's." Hunter, unlike his brother did not lay all the way back and close his eyes. He just stared at my hand going up and down his shaft. I watched him bite his lower lip, moaning. My son started talking, moaning. He would look at my hand and his cock and just say "Faster, oh please faster. Mmmm, make me cum." so I just asked him, "Hunter, are you thinking of that woman in the magazine?" "He looked at me the same glazed look, then flashed a glance at my tits, which were bouncing up and down a bit the motion of my cock stroking. I know my nipples were protruding through my shirt. "Oh yeah mom, I am thinking of her. Just don't stop...please." 

My younger son did not last as long, I could tell he just wanted to cum as quickly as possible. I moved in-between his legs, I knew both of them probably had pictured me between them already. "I am gonna do it! I gonna do it mom." "Do it? Oh you mean cum?" "Yes, I am gonna cum, I cant hold it!" "Don’t hold it Hunter, you can cum for me." With that Hunter's hard shaft released its load. His cock first spurted out a couple of small spurts, I tilted his cock back towards his stomach, and I cupped my hand under it to catch his load. Then this huge spurt of super thick, white, hot cum squirted out his cock. It looked like a laser beam of cum; it was so long and continuous. Some it landed on my palm, some on my arm and some on his chest! I could not believe the moan my son let out as he sent this huge load out of his cock, the pleasure must have been incredible, my son actually passed out for a moment, his eyes closed and his head fell to the side. However his cock kept working, I leaned down, watching my sons’ eyes, I stuck my tongue out and caught the last few small spurts on my tongue. I quickly swallowed his cum, not being able to enjoy his taste too much. 

"Hunter are you ok?" Oh...oh, yes felt so good...I never felt anything that good before." I had forgotten to bring some tissue with me, so I used my fingers to scoop up my sons’ cum. "I will be right back Hunter to clean up the rest of it." I quickly went into the bathroom and devoured Hunters cum. He tasted just as good as my other son. As I swallowed Hunters cum I could not believe what I had just done and what really got to me was how much I had enjoyed doing it. I couldn’t believe I just gave my son’s hand-jobs and then ate there cum. I knew it was wrong but it made me so horny watching Ryan jack-off, knowing that they were jacking off to me. I thought, ‘well all I did was give them hand job, it is not like I fucked them. Somewhere deep down inside, I knew I would end up fucking them too!

When I left the bathroom I found them both in Hunters room with magazine in their hands. I caught the tail end of their conversation as I walked in. They were both saying they couldn’t believe I jacked them off and how fucking good it felt. I came in the room and they both got really quiet. “So boy’s did I do go?” “Yes mom, you really did great.” Ryan said to me. Hunter spoke up; “It was really hot.” “Good. So you didn’t mind it was your mom giving you a hand job instead of your fantasy woman?” They both swallowed and said no, it was kinda weird at first but it was cool. I smiled at them and turned to walk out. I heard Hunter ask Ryan if he was going to ask her. Ryan hushed his younger brother. “Shut up asshole! Don’t say anything.” I turned around and asked them what they wanted to know. At first neither one said anything; they just looked at the floor. “Come on boys speak up.” Ryan started to mumble, “Well we wondering if…if” Then Hunter blurted out, “If you would jack us off again…sometime?” I should have said no but my deep incestuous lust took over. “Sure I guess. Do you boys jack off a lot?” They both turned red, embarrassed by my question. “Well, uh, yeah.” I thought for a moment, “Hmm, well as long as your older sister is not around or nobody else is in the house and I am not busy…sure. I would be more than happy to.” They both smiled at me; I smiled back at them and left the room. That was the start of what was to be a long summer of hot incestuous lust at my house.

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