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Grandpa made a woman of his grand-daughter

(Part 1 from 1)

It was shortly after midnight. The New Year had just started few minutes ago and a lonely girl was laying in her comfortable bed, unable to fall asleep, thinking about her sexual life. To say the truth, there was none. She'd been still a virgin and there seemed to be no man who would be willing to make a woman of her in the closest future. 

She was desperate. She wanted someone to make love to her. Or rather to fuck her to unconsciousness. She'd longed for the great feeling of a big cock inside of her, sliding in and out and in and out hard, for several years already, but till now she'd had to be satisfied with pleasing herself by using her fingers or in better case a carrot or cucumber. But she'd never managed to break her cherry yet and this was bothering her a lot. She'd tried many times, but she was afraid to push a little harder. She needed someone to do it for her. She wanted someone to break the damn thing and go deeper and deeper inside her. 

While laying on her bed, she was caressing her pussy with one hand and gently massaging her clitoris with another. When she felt the wave of excitement rising, she quickly grabbed a prepared carrot and pushed it in hard. In and out, in and out...again and again.. Her hand was working quickly with the long fat piece of vegetable, and her another hand still patiently massaging her clitoris. This time she wanted to break her cherry desperately. She wanted to finally manage it. She was pushing like crazy in and out, in and out as hard as she just could... but...she already started to cum and had to stop all the movements and let herself relax. "Damn!" she swore and angrily threw the carrot off. "I'll probably never get rid of that bloody thing!". 

An hour later she finally fell asleep. It was very restless sleep. She had nightmares about herself, ending up as an old fat grumpy woman, who'd never had sex with a man and whose cherry was still unbroken, no matter how hard she'd tried to change it. 

She awoke with start. Sun was rising already and she could even hear her mother which was going to work, saying bye to her grandpa. "Wonderful! Now I'm gonna spend all the day with him, listening what I should have and shouldn't have done. She knew her grandfather. He was strict about many things. When she didn't keep the house clean, he was even able to hit her because of it. Not mentioning how much she suffered when she didn't have perfect school results or arrived home late. She sighed and laid her head back on the pillow. "Now I have different problem." she thought, remembering her unbroken cherry. She was becoming really obsessed with that. 

"This must stop! This time I'm gonna push as hard as I'm able to. I'll do that!!" She found a condom in her purse and put it carefully on the fatest and longest banana they had at home. "Maybe it'll work better with that." Then she laid back on her bed and put a small firm pillow under her ass. She opened her legs wide and started massaging her clitoris again. She hated doing this under duvet. It was quite uncomfortable, but what if someone came in? She wouldn't have any chance to hide what she was doing. But when she pushed the banana in, and tried to work with her hand in and out several times, it was becoming more uncomfortable. "To hell with everyone!" she said and uncovered herself. She hoped that no-one would come in. "They never do when I'm under the duvet. Why should they now?" It made sense.

She was pushing as hard as never this time, not caring about pain. It started to work. She could go a bit deeper now, but still felt a barrier. Now her hand was working really fast. She would manage it this time... "Yeah, I'll do that." she smiled but at that the door opened and her grandfather came in. He already started his question, not aware of his grand-daughter yet, but then he saw her. She laid there, her legs spread wide, she sliding a BANANA in and out her vagina. She didn't notice him at first, because her eyes were closed tight, but after few seconds, she became aware of someone's presence. She opened her eyes slowly.. and when she saw him, she slipped under the duvet quickly, banana still deep inside her. 

Her grandfather couldn't help it and kept staring at her in astonishment. He could smell the sweet scent of the girl's in the room and all the situation started to be quite exciting for him. He hadn't had a woman for almost 3 years now. But no, he couldn't think of it. She was his grand-daughter after all. "God, but she has so perfect body. And the beautiful cunt of hers.." he thought. 

She was staring at him as well, not exactly sure what to say. He saw her masturbating. Her own grandfather! "Such a shame.." she thought "What now..?"
"Ehm, I'm sorry for disturbing. I just wanted to ask you something... ehm... never mind." he said and was going to leave. 

"No, wait!" she exclaimed. "I want you to fuck me! Now!" She wasn't going to say it. It just slipped out.. It just showed how desperate she was about becoming a woman. 
"I beg your pardon?" inside he hoped she would suggest it, but now he couldn't believe his ears.
"I said I want you to fuck me! And don't you dare to refuse now!" 

Who was he to argue with her. He wanted her too much to resist and besides, his cock was so hard already he just couldn't help it.

He slowly approached her bed and uncovered her. She'd had still opened her legs, the piece of fruit deep inside of her vagina. He could see her juices streaming down the banana and her wet fingers. He gently took one of her hands and started licking it. Oh God, she tasted so great! He took her other hand and did the same. He wanted more of that sweet nectar. He longed to have full mouth of her juices. Gently pulling the fruit out of her, he entered her with his long tongue and licked and sucked madly, like his life depended on it. She was so tasty, he couldn't stop. When swallowed last drops, he finally looked up at her. She was in ecstasy. It seemed she forgot the world around her. He smiled. His lovely girl was no longer a baby. 

She felt he stopped sucking and opened her eyes in disappointment. She loved touches of his mouth on her pussy, his skilled tongue playing with her clit...
She opened her mouth to say something... to ask for more.. but he put his hand over her lips and whispered "Shhh, now I want you to relax. Let me do all the job. I promise I won't hurt you." and as a proof of his words his lips touched hers, gently. Then he broke the kiss, but she put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. He smiled at her and bit her upper lip gently. She smiled back.

"Make love to me. Please." I swear I'll keep my room clean for the rest of my life, but make love to me now. I..." the rest of her words was silenced by another kiss.

He carefully laid on the top of his grand-daughter and entered her with his great hard cock slowly. When he bumped on the barrier, he pulled out a little, but then burst his cock hard inside and broke her cherry. She screamed, but he stopped his movements for a while and silenced her with another long kiss. She smiled at him and let herself relax. She loved the feeling of having him inside. She touched the place where they were joined and caressed it softly. He started to move again... in and out, in and out... God, she dreamed about this so long... 

He started pushing harder... deeper... she started to scream in ecstasy.... she could feel him in her belly now.. he went deeper and deeper... "I'm going to cum" she yelled "One more hit! Fuck me! Fuuuuck me!!...Yeaaaah..." 

He splashed his hot cum inside her. She was screaming with pleasure, both of them were shaking... he colapsed on her, cock still in her vagina... they wished to stay like this forever. 

He was gently bitting her nipples and massaging her clit with his fingers. She smiled at him "Thanks you've made a woman of me." she kissed him passionately on the mouth.

"Anytime." he said and they both laughed.

"Now we have to quickly, before anyone comes." he said sadly.
"Is there any chance of repeating?" she asked, not sure what the answer would be. Instead of answering he kissed her nose and winked at her. Now she knew...

This was the best start of the New Year she could imagine!

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