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Grandpa Dick's Dick

(Part 1 from 1)

One day, when I was about 18, my grandpa called and invited me to a football game. Being a big football fan, I decided to go with him. However, the day of the game I woke up and it was about 30 degrees outside. After putting on 2 shirts and a couple coats and pairs of pants, I drove out to meet my grandpa. We met in a parking lot to take the bus to the football stadium since it was faster and cheaper. Well we got there, and it was still freezing outside. My grandpa repeatedly told me how cold he was but we stayed at the game until it was over. During the game, we went to the bathroom and while I was going to the bathroom I noticed him glancing over at my cock. I didn't say anything and we went back to our seats. After our team won, we got back onto the bus and began the half hour drive home.

After we got back to the parking lot, I found that my car had frozen up so he offered me a ride back to my house. I gratefully accepted the ride home and got into the front seat. I took one of my pairs of pants off since it was pretty warm in his car. The pair of pants I had on were just loose underwear with a pair of boxers on though. Every few minutes I'd see him look down at my cock, and eventually I began to get hard thinking about what could happen. I'd fantasized about sucking a cock before but it had never really happened. As I turned and looked out the window, I noticed that we were in a parking lot a couple hundred yards away from the main road behind an office building. I'd been trying to cover up my hard-on with my hat but he'd obviously noticed.

He looked down at his pants without saying a word and nodded at me in a seductive way. I put up my armrest and unbuckled my seatbelt slowly. As I leaned over into his lap, he unzipped his jeans and I pulled his cock out. For being 65, my grandpa's cock was in great shape. It was about an inch bigger than mine and had a few veins sticking out. Just the cock I'd always imagined myself sucking. It was already hard and after I jerked it a few times, precum began to ooze out. I licked it up slowly to savor the taste and then began to lick the head.

While I was doing this, he unzipped my pants and pulled out my 7 inch cock that was also already dripping precum. After a couple minutes of my tongue working on his cock, he began to moan heavily. My cock was also feeling good and I had a great idea. I'd seen something in a porno that I really wanted to try. I scooted over and sat on my grandpa's lap, but didn't put his cock inside me. My back was against the steering wheel and it was a bit of a tight fit so our cocks were touching. I began to spit on my cock head and rub it aaround on his. Eventually our cocks were rubbing together nicely and it felt like heaven. After about 15 minutes, my grandpa moaned out "I'm going to cum". And he did. His cum squirted up onto my shirt and after about the third squirt, it dribbled out onto my own cock. I got off and allowed grandpa to put my cock into his mouth as I came. He swallowed it all and then I layed my seat back and let him rub his wet cock all over my face until it was limp. I told him thank you and we drove home in silence. Now, everytime I see him, we suck each other off.

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