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Girlfriend's Sister

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It was going to be one of those long five days being away from my girlfriend. Gina looked sad when I boarded the plane to go interstate for work. She told me that she will miss me and that her sister Becky would pick me up at the airport so that I could stay with her parents which I met two years ago.

I was tired from the flight. It was five hours and being a frequent flyer, it still does take its toll on you. Becky met me at the airport. I remember meeting her two years ago when she was nineteen. Becky had definitely grown into a beautiful young lady. She told me that her parents were expecting me and I would be staying in the Gina's old room which is next to her. I told her that I would have an early night as I have a press conference to deal with in the morning for the company that I work for. She said that was cool being a Saturday.

Gina's parents were happy to see that I got to them safely as they both didnt like flying. I called Gina and told her that I was home safely and missed her. After dinner we sat down and had some coffee. Gina's parents told me that they will be leaving early in the morning to go up the lakes to do some fishing. They will be back in a couple of days. I said I will be busy at work in the next couple of days so I will hopefully see them when they get back. I said good night and went to bed.

I got up about 7am. It was raining outside. I went downstairs and found a note from Gina's parents saying that they left some bacon and eggs in the oven for us. I made a strong coffee and had some bacon and eggs. I went upstairs and had a shower. I got ready for my Press Conference. I rang a cab and waited. Becky was still asleep when I left. I got to the conference which we had to cut short due to the rain. I was told by the CEO via the mobilephone to wait till the rain is over and he will call me with a new set of instructions.

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I went into town and got a gift for Gina and caught a cab home. I got home and went inside the house. Becky was up and was surprised to see me home early. She said she was watching a movie and I was welcome to watch it with her. I told her maybe later. I went upstairs to the room and rang Gina. Told her about the rain and her parents being away. Told her i missed her and want to be back home. She said she missed me too.

I went downstairs and towards the entertainment room where Becky was. I heard moanings and stopped in my tracks. I looked in and saw what Becky was watching. She was watching porn. She had her fingers in her pants. She was obviously enjoying herself and the movie. She must have sense that someone was watching and turned around. She saw me and quickly straightened up. I apologise for staring. She asked if I liked what I saw. I asked weather she meant the movie or her. She said her. I knew this was wrong. I told her that I couldnt see much. Becky told me that she and Gina talked alot. Gina told her that I was very big downstairs. Before I could say a word, Becky walked over and started taking my long pants off. I had boxers underneath and she grabbed my cock through my boxers and told me that it needs to be free. She pulled my boxers down. 

She told me that she wanted to suck my big cock and feel my big cock in her tight pussy. She then took my cock in her mouth. Becky wasnt experience like Gina. She tried her best to get all of it into her mouth. She started licking and then Becky started sucking my cock like a lolly pop. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. She started to use her tongue around the cockhead and then would use her hand and mouth to push more into her. I was enjoying the blowjob. I told her to stop which she did. She got up and took her top and skirt off. Becky took off her G String and got back onto her knees and took my cock again into her mouth. I told her to lie back on the floor and got between her legs. I buried my face into her cunt. Becky shaved her cunt and she looked really bare. I use my tongue on her clit and soon she was humping my face. Becky started to scream as her first orgasm hit her. I got up and got between her legs. She told me to go easy on her as she has never had anything giantic in her before.Becky was really wet and it made it a little easier for me to push into her. Becky started pushing into me as I was pushing into her. She screamed "Oh God, its so big" and little a little help from her hand she pushed my cock right into her. Becky started saying "Oh fuck..oh yeah..feels good..oh god its so good..fuck me..fuck me with your big cock" Her cunt muscles gripped around my cock and Becky started cumming ""OH Shit its so good fuck Fuck Im going to cum.. please dont stop..mmmmmmm oooohh shiittt ffuuccck mmmmmemeeeo oh im cumming. Becky told me to get up and lie down on the floor. She grabbed my cock and guided into her pussy.. ""Oh god,,this is so good...fuck me..she stared riding my cock slowly. She stared bouncing fast and I started to fuck her back. I felt my cock go all the way in. Becky was screaming now..she was enjoying the sensation my cock was giving her pussy. She screamed she was cumming again and I felt her cunt go out of control on my cock. She had tears in eyes and she bounced harder on the cock. She told me to not stop her. 

I rolled her over to her hands and knees and got behind her. She grabbed my cock and before I knew it, I was buried deep in her cunt. Becky started moving back on my cock. I knew I was going to last long and I told her that I wanted to cum in her mouth. Becky told me no. She wanted me to fill her cunt with my hot juice. That was too much for me. I pulled Becky hard against my cock and buried my hot cum into her well fucked pussy. Becky came again. Beck fell onto her face. Her backside still poking out in front of me. The phone rang and it was Gina. She asked what we were doing. Becky told her that we watched baseball and when I got on the phone, Gina said she cant wait for me to get home.

Becky and I had sex in the shower, in the garage, in the kitchen and in the pool. She couldnt get enough of my cock. When her parents returned, she snuck into the rooms, pulled down my boxers and sucked my cock till I blew my load in mouth. She told me that she found that exciting knowing her parents were just a wall away. I told her parents in the morning that I will be leaving today. Becky said she would run me to the airport for my flight back home. We said goodbyes and Becky drove me to the airport. She pulled into a theme park which was closed for repairs. She told me that she wanted my cock in her pussy one more time before I left. We found a secluded spot in the park and we both stripped. I took Becky up and lifted her onto my waiting cock. Her cunt greedily sucked in my cock and she was bouncing onto my cock hard and fast. She hugged me really tight while she was bouncing. She kept saying "hmmm fuck it feels good,,mmmm oh yeah fuck my pussy,oh yes yessss,.." Becky was coming and after about ten minutes I shot up load deep inside her. We quickly cleaned up and went to the airport. She kissed me deeply and told me that she will miss me. She told me that she wants me again and cant wait till my next trip. I kissed and told her that I will miss her and our hot moments that we shared.

The flight back home to Gina was uneventful. Gina met me at the airport. She kissed me and hugged me...told me that she missed me and that she can smell Becky on me......

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