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Girlfriend & Her Bestfriend First Time

(Part 1 from 1)

I sat down and turned on the movie as the two girls got the food ready. It was still early in the night and we had nothing really planed. Sara, my girlfriend, sat next to me and handed me dish of food. Amanda, Sara’s best friend, sat on the couch across from us. We had a few beers each as we ate and watched the movie. Time moved on and the events of the night took an unexpected twist.

Before we continue let me describe Sara. Slightly darker skin, about 5’5 with shoulder length black hair. Her thin, 22 year old build brings out her 36B tits nicely, along with the “perfect” ass. Amanda’s different build equaled a good match. She stands a bit smaller at about 5’ 3” with longer dirty blond hair and smaller 32A tits at age 21.

After an hour into the movie Sara, a bit tipsy, got up and sat next to Amanda. The two girls laughed and giggled over just about nothing. All of a sudden Sara looks at Amanda and states “let’s kiss!” Now keep in mind both girls are perfectly straight and have never been with another girl before. Amanda amazingly giggled and placed her lips on Sara’s smooth, pink lips. I sat and watched, very aroused. Next to my amazement, Sara stops, lifts off her shit, removes and bra and continues topples. Amanda follows suite a few moments later. Now, the two girls lay on top of one another, softly kissing as their nipples slowly rub together.

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I think to myself “this can’t be happening”. Before I had time to second guess myself, without taking a breath, my girlfriend removed her jeans and continued making out in her panties. At this point I got more comfortable and took my shirt off. Then, as I hoped, Amanda removed her pants as well and the two girls rolled around with simply their panties on. I still couldn’t believe this was happening, but so very happy it was.

Five minutes went by, in which felt like fifteen as I was in my own world of enjoyment. Every moment was as unpredictable as the next would be so I couldn’t even imagine what would come next. What did come next only turned up the heat more. Sara slipped down her panties and moved away from Amanda’s lips and she removed her friend’s underpants. There they lay, my girlfriend and her best friend completely naked, side by side.

Amanda slowly stated playing with her own bald clit as Sara knelt beside her watching closely. It seemed she could only stand watching her friend please herself for so long without acting upon it. Slowly and softly she moved her genital lips into her friends waiting, wet, tight, pussy. Her tongue moved up and down Amanda’s soft vagina. Sara’s finger moved ever so carefully between Amanda’s wet pussy lips reveling the pink inside. Both girls moaned as one was getting eaten out and the other fingering herself hard has she ate.

This moment lasted about twenty minutes before Amanda sat up, flipped around and stated a 69. This was more then I could handle, I sat up and undressed. I sat a few feet away from them rubbing my hard dick up and down, watching what I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Then without warning, Amanda turned over and yelled “Sara, can I suck his dick!”, and with no delay, my girlfriend granted her friend permission. I closed my eyes as Amanda went down on my cock while she was being eating. All three of us where moaning as Sara moved around and licked Amanda’s ass and pussy from behind. I moaned louder and louder, knowing I was going to cum any minute. I yelled “I am going to cum!” Amanda didn’t take a breath and sure enough I jolted back and shot a load in her mouth. She swallowed and Sara joined her in licking it up.

All three of us sat down out of breaths. We looked at each other and agreed that this might have been the first time this happened but it would not be the last!

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