Gina encounters stepdad again!

(Part 1 from 1)

Note: This story is completely fictional!

Gina lie in her bed thinking about what just happened between herself and her step dad. She felt dirty, humiliated. Why didn’t she try harder to resist. She hated herself for enjoying the fuck so much.

It was morning and Gina had not slept much that night, she lied in bed until late that morning and her mother had already gone to the office. She was waiting until Peter had also left but he seemed to be lingering in the house, perhaps waiting for her to emerge from her room.

She lied on her bed until about 11 am when she felt that the house was empty. She wished that school was in session so she’d have somewhere to go. 

As she went into the kitchen she saw to her dismay that Peter sat around the table drinking orange juice and reading the paper, pretending not to notice her. He worked as a mechanic and had already have is overalls on. Gina was dressed in a big “Daddy’s Girl” T shirt with no panties on.

“ Hello sunshine, how did you sleep”, he said to Gina as she got a bowl from the dishwasher to make herself some cereal. She pretended not to hear him. But peter was not to be ignored, as she got to the fridge and tried to open the door, he came up behind her and forced the door shut. Startled Gina turned around to face him and stammered “ A..Ah.. I just don’t feel to good, O.K?’
“ Is there anything daddy can do to help his little girl?”, her stepfather asked with mock concern on his face.

Gina looked into his eyes and was faced with the look of hunger and lust. “ Please just leave me alone”, she commanded. He suddenly pinned her to the fridge and shove his hand up her shirt and was greeted by her naked pussy.
“UMMM”, he moaned, “my little slut is ready to be fucked again”.

“Nooo…Noooo”, Gina protested rocking her head from side to side, “Not again!” Peter eased himself off Gina and used one of his hands to restrain her against the fridge by her neck while he used the other hand to free his erect cock from the restraints of his overall. He forced his whole body on her 5’2 stature and used his hands to lift her and put her legs around his waist. He then guided his cock at the entrance of her hole and found a wet and inviting cunt just waiting to be fucked. 

Gina moaned as her rubbed his dick head up and down her labia and then screamed as her rammed it home. The fridge jerked wildly as he thrust his meat deep into her cunt, she tilted her head back and closed her eyes tightly as if trying to shut out what was happening. 

She opened her eyes as a box of cereal fell off the top of the fridge. The reality of her stepdad’s huge cock ramming into her hit her like a freight train. He fucked her like this for a few minutes then he held her on his cock and took her a cross the kitchen to the sink. He placed her buttocks on the rim of the sink and lifted her legs on his chest. He pulled his hips back a little and then thrusted forward with great forced. Gina winced in pain as his cock entered her to the hilt. He began making long, hard, deep thrusts and each time he rammed his cock home Gina winced in pain, she was not as wet as the night before. Her stepfather did not care if her hurt her, infact, he liked it when women got hurt on his cock. Sometimes he hurt Gina’s mom really bad and pretended as if he did not mean it. But with Gina he did not have to pretend because she was his little slut and he could fuck her whenever he wanted, however he wanted.

The kitchen was filled with the stench of sex and the sound of skin slapping together. Step dad was breathing heavily as his fucking got wilder and his stepdaughter was whimpering in pain. They kept on fucking for a good fifteen minutes when Peter lifted Gina off the sink and lied down on the floor, his dick sticking out of his overall. “ Now come ride poppa”, he commanded. Gina saw this as a time to escape and made for her room.

As she ran through the door and spun around to lock it Peter was already in the door way, he pushed her on her bed and shouted “ You shouldn’t have done that bitch!” Gina screamed and scrambled on all fours and tried to get to the other side of her bed to escape though her opened window but Peter caught her by her feet and she was pulled flat on her tummy. In a second he was on top of her, he put his had under her belly and forcefully jerked her hips upwards, exposing her ass and pussy, he then rammed his cock deep in her pussy from behind. “OOOHHHHH NOOOOO Please Stop! PLEASE… Gina screamed as her stepfather violently groaned as he relentlessly forced his dick way up in her cunt time after time until it fucked her aching pussy. “ Ah Yesssss Agh yessss…that’s it..Ohhhhhh’ he was time for climax. His whole body jerked as he shot his load into her pussy. 

He let go of her and use his body weight to push her flat on her tummy and then he whispered “now listen bitch, you and I have a new arrangement, I will be fucking you from now on and you better not say a word to your mother!”.

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