Gambling debt 3

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On the next day at 5 am my cell phone rang. When I answered I heard Shawns’ voice. Shawn asked me what time my wife had to get up to go to work and I told him that she usually got up at around 7 am. Shawn asked how I slept and I told him that I could not sleep that night. Shawn then told me get in front of the webcam so that he could make sure I was following directions. Shawn then told me to go put my nose in the corner, put my hands down to my side, with legs together, and stand straight there until 6:30 am. Shawn told me that a 6:30 am I would go make my wife breakfast and bring it to her in bed. I then asked Shawn if I could go use the restroom before I put my nose in the corner because I had to pee. Shawn then yelled at me and told me to do what I was told and not to question him. I then got up and went to put my nose in the corner. Shawn told me that I could not disconnect the phone call and to hold the phone in my hand so he could hear what I was doing and I had to leave the webcam on.

I then started to really ashamed of myself then because there I was a grown man standing in the corner wearing a French maids uniform with cum dried on my face and in my ass and to make things worse my panties had SHAWNS bitch DECEMBER 08 on the back of them.

I was very uncomfortable standing in the corner for an 1 and a half hours in the heels and having to pee. Finally at 6:30 am I was able to move out of the corner to go make my wifes breakfast. At 7 am I brought my wife her breakfast. I asked her if there was anything else she needed for breakfast and she said no. Shawn then told me to go stand back in the corner while she got dressed. She got ready for work and told me that she was leaving at about 8:30 am. Shawn told me to continue standing in the corner. By this time my legs were hurting and I really had to pee bad. I squirmed around in the corner and Shawn told me to stop moving because he could see me on webcam.

At 9:15 am the doorbell rang and Shawn ordered me to go let the guys in and go stand back in the corner. I did as told. The guys had a bunch of cameras with them. As I’m standing in the corner I can hear them installing the cameras. I am extremely humiliated standing in the corner dressed like I am with these guys in my house.

At 10 am I have to use the bathroom so bad I want to cry. I hear the guys come into my room and continue installing the cameras. I can hear them talking about how much of a sissy I am. The guys leave my house at around 11. Shawn tells me that he has had surveillance cameras installed in every room of my house so that he can make sure I do what I am told. Shawn tells me to continue standing in the corner.

At 11:15 am I couldn’t hold it anymore and began to urinate on myself. A feeling of shame came over me as urine soaked my panties and began running down my stocking clad legs. Shawn of course noticed and told me that I would be punished for not being able to control myself.

An noon Shawn told me that I could go take a shower to clean up. After I got out of the shower Shawn told me to wear something pink. I then put on a pink garter belt with stockings. I put on a pair of pink panties with my tiny cock tucked between my legs. I also wore a pink bra a pink sundress that came down to my mid thigh. Shawn made me put my hair in pigtails. Shawn then made me put the black cum stained urine soaked panties on my bedroom dresser with the back side up so anyone in my bedroom could read them.

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The doorbell then rang again. When I opened the door I had gotten a delivery from Shawn. I opened it and there was a lot of different types of clothing. The package also had a workout tape with it.

There was a list of rules for the service month included.
1. Only speak when spoken to.
2. Refer to Shawn as Sir or master.
3. Be in women’s clothing at all times with penis tucked between legs. Must have makeup, nails, and hair done at all times.
4. No sex with my wife.
5. No orgasm without permission.
6. No backtalk.
7. Wake up at 5 am every morning.
7. Workout until 6:30 am then prepare breakfast.

Shawn then called me and told me to pack up all my male clothing into bags and to put my new clothing up. I then did as told and he had me put my bags of clothing by the front door. The rest of the day went by uneventfully as I put my new clothing up. Shawn ordered me to make my wife dinner. My wife went to bed at 9 pm because she had a rough day.

My phone rang and Shawn told me to grab my clothing and bring them to his house. I did as told and arrived at his house at 10pm. Shawn had me put the clothing in his house and told me that I would get them back when I was not in his service.

Shawn then ordered me to go take the punishment position which is standing in front of a coffee table bent at the waist with both palms flat on the table. I did as ordered and Shawn told me that I would get 20 spankings for questioning him and 50 for wetting myself. Shawn starts giving me spankings with a wood paddle. While he gives me spankings he calls me a little sissy.

After he finishes giving me the spankings he turns me around in front of a mirror and shows me my ass and it is really red from the paddling. Shawn then grabs me by the pigtail and forces me to my knees. He then makes me watch myself give him a blowjob in the mirror. As he forcing me to give him a blowjob he asks if sissy likes having his cock in his mouth. I answer with a no sir as best I could because his cock was still in my mouth.

Shawn then says well I don’t want my cock in your mouth if you don’t want it there so he yanks me up by my hair. Shawn then bends me over the counter and pulls my panties down to my knees. So I then say please sir I want it back in my mouth and Shawn says that he doesn’t believe me and slide his cock in my ass. Shawn then fuck me with his big cock in front of a mirror where he makes me watch him fuck me. I really start feeling bad when I notice that my cock is hard from the fucking. Shawn starts going fast and hard and lets his warm sperm go inside of me.

Shawn then orders me to walk back to the living room with my panties around my knees and take the punishment position. Shawn tells me that I will be receiving spankings for lying because I told him that I did not like his cock in my mouth but then I begged for it so I must like it. Shawn then gives me 20 more spankings then orders me to pull my pretty little panties up and go home.

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