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Fun in the mountains

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi, my name is Jack and I am about 5'10 185 lb's and I work out everyday so my figure is pretty good. My cousin Amanda is one of my best friends and we have been on lots of family trips together, including going to their mountain house for some weekend skiing every winter. Since Amanda is a knockout I constantly dream of fucking her. Since she is 16 and I am 15, I'm hoping that I could be the one to pop her cherry this weekend at her mountain house, only if I can get the chance...
It was Friday afternoon and I was at school waiting for the bell to ring so I can have my freedom and go skiing for the weekend at Amanda's. As soon as I get home I can see that the dog is in the car along with my sister and my parents are locking the house so we can start out on the road and hopefully get their around 7 for some night skiing. But the only thing I had on my mind was Amanda's perfect ass and her virgin pussy waiting to be fucked for the first time this weekend. The car ride was embarrassing because I had a hard-on the whole time and couldn't stop thinking about her. Finally we get their just to find that Amanda, her brother and her parents have been their only for about 15 minutes. When I saw the look on Amanda's face, I knew this was going to be the weekend. Everyone got unpacked and got their skies and snowboards out and headed for the private ski resort only a few blocks away. We got their and we waited in line for the lift. I arranged it so that my sister and Amanda's brother go on the lift together leaving me and Amanda for a few minutes to talk and get used to each other since we haven't seen each other for a few months now. We finally got on the lift and we first talked about music and school and friends, but I tried to pull the conversation to each other until we had to get off the lift. We skied for about 3 hours and got home around 10:45pm and everyone took showers and went to bed. I was the last one to take a shower and when I got out I had a hard cock (I was dreaming about fucking Amanda the whole time) and as soon as I open the bathroom door, I see Amanda staring at my cock in her pajamas. She immediately comes out of her trance and surprisingly kisses me goodnight and goes away. Right there I knew I had to get Amanda alone that weekend. 
The next day was Saturday, and it basically went the same as the day before, me and Amanda got used to each other more by talking on and off the lift. She had perfect tits and buetifull long blond hair and it was a shame her ski jacket and winter hat had to cover it all up. That night we got back to the house and the parents told everyone we were going out to dinner but instantly Amanda said she had a headache and couldn't go. I finally found my chance and perfectly told me parents I was dead tired and couldn't possibly go out tonight. They agreed that I looked tired and let me and Amanda stay home alone that night! Immediately Amanda darted for the shower and told me to follow. I was flaberasted. I didn't have to even say a word before I was hard-on in a shower with my beautiful cousin. I almost ran to the shower taking my pants off and showing Amanda my 7 1/2 inch cock bulging out at her. With the big ski coats she had been wearing the past 2 days I almost forgot how beautiful she was, almost. She turned the water on and we jumped in the shower kissing each other until I started to suck on her nipple. She asked if I was protected and when I said no she told me to not come inside her. She said she didn't want to fuck in the shower so we darted across the hall for her parent's bedroom. She threw me to the bed and told me she was going to suck my cock. It felt soo good. 
"MMmmmhhh, Jack you have one massive cock, it tastes soooooo good, I can't wait to fuck you." She asked if I was a virgin and I was almost in too much pleasure to answer her. I mumbled out yes and she was thankful because we were going to be watch other's first.
"ohhhh, Amanda, I'm going to comeeeee," I said in pleasure.
"it's going to taste so good baby, ohh yeaaa," groaned Amanda. When it came out she caught all of it in her mouth, she had too much and my come was oozing out of her mouth. 
"We are going to fuck now and i'm on top, tell me when your about to come." Murmured Amanda
"Ok," I agreed
She was riding on top and at first it sounded like it hurt but she kept on riding, when I heard a little pop I knew that I had popped her cherry and she began to ride with a faster pace. 
"Your cock is almost too fucking mucb for my pussy to handle baby, but i'm lovin every second of it." Shouted Amanda. About fifteen minutes later I started to have the feeling that I was going to come, but when I told Amanda she said "fuck that I want to feel your wonderful come inside and out of my body."
When I came it was the biggest load I had ever blown and It felt so good. Amanda got off after I came but she didn't regret taking in all my come as ger juices ran down her legs. I could tell she was a little sore from the fucking session but after we rested for about 20 minutes on the bed she told be to eat her and I got hard again. I tongue fucked her to heaven and she had the loudest orgasm I had ever heard and she was enjoying it soooo much. 
"Ahhh Ahhh oh fucking baby I fucking love you Jack, this night has been better than any other."
We assumed are parents would be home soon and we got dressed, that was a good thing because they walked in no less than 10 minutes later. When they asked us how are night was Amanda said "I still have a headache, but good thing I stayed home." Then she winked at me. Thats when I knew that fucking my cousin at her house in the mountains is going to be a tradition that we always will follow.

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