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First time in a park restroom

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When I was a teenager I lived in Southern California, Riverside, San Bernardino area. On weekends I would ride my bike at a large local park. I did this all summer long, riding around the park, stopping and sitting in the play ground area, and just hanging out on hot summer days down there. And with anyone, nature always calls, lucky for me there are lots of restrooms at the park.

This one time I was on the far side of the park where most people didn't bother to go to and had to take a leak. I road my bike over to the restroom, a large concrete restroom with only one door. Inside it had a large long wall standup urinal and it also had 4 stalled tiolets. Anyway I got off my bike and rolled it into the restroom with me and leaned it up against the wall and went over to the long wall urinal and took a leak. After I was done I turned to walk over and get my bike and there was this guys standing just inside the doorway.

He was a really nice looking white man in his 30's wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else, and I mean nothing else. He had no shirt on, and he was barefoot. He was about 5'10 150 lbs, shoulder long black hair. He had a great body and a really nice hairy chest, that nice black hair running from his neck all the way down inside the front of his jeans. He had a nice go-t and he was hot.

Now at this time I had never sucked on a mans cock before, but I had looked in some porn magazines and had seen how hot the women looked sucking on big hard cocks. This man knew what he wanted because he was standing there with his jeans undone stroking his cock looking at me. He and I looked at eachother and then my eyes went to his hard cock he was stroking, and he told me he wanted me to suck on his cock right there. He sort of laughed and said I really had no choice if I wanted to leave, I had to do as he said first.

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My eyes stayed on his cock and my mouth was dry and then I looked at him, now remember I was just a teenager at the time, 30 years ago, and here is this guy in his 30's telling me I had to suck on his cock or he wasn;t going to let me out of the restroom.

I told him I had never sucked on a cock before and he said he would teach me how to do it right as he walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder and took me to the back of the restroom and pushed me to my knees. He told me to open my mouth as he held my head and I did as he said and he pushed his hard cock all the way in my mouth and then pushed it into my throat as he pulled my head into him.

Goddamn he was big and he had me choking and gagging on him from the start. I tired to push back but he held my head and controlled what he wanted me to do. I heard him say he was going to fuck my mouth, and told me to just keep my mouth open and he would do the rest. And that is just what I did, I kept my mouth open and he fucked my mouth. As I got used to his cock in my mouth and hitting the back of my throat he told me to start sucking as he fucked my mouth. So I did as he said and he laughed and said I was a good cocksucker for my first time and he was going to reward me by cumming in my mouth. I knew what cum was, but when he pumped his load into my mouth I gagged and choked on it and he just held my head and told me I had to swallow before I wad done. He pulled back some and gave me the chance to swallow his cum which I did and I found out right then I loved the taste and feel of swallowing guys cum loads.

After he got done with his first load he asked me if I enjoyed it and if I wanted to do it again. I told him I loved it and I wanted and needed to do it again. He told me to come to his car and when we got in he had me go to my knees on the front floor and he pulled off his pants and moved his ass out to the edge of the seat. He spread his legs and looked at me and told me to lick his asshole for him. I told him I didn't want to, but he said it was clean and I would enjoy doing it. I looked at his asshole as he pulled his cheeks apart and he reached out with one hand and took my head and pushed my face down into his crack and told me to lick it. It was musty but smelled ok, so I started to lick his asshole. The more I licked the more I enjoyed it and I could hear him moaning and telling me how good my tongue felt in his ass.

He held my head to keep me eating his asshole until he got hard again then he made me suck off his cock again and gave me my second cum load to swallow. When we got done he told me to meet him there every Saturday and Sunday at the sametime so I could do it again to him. I did meet him there and that went on for nearly 2 years before he just stopped showing up. Funny thing is I never knew his name. He just called me cocksucker or slut or boy.

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