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Family Ties

(Part 1 from 1)

Jack, Betty, Melanie, Dirk, and Daphne, the Hoyt’s: a loving family. Jack and Betty had kids very young, at 18 to be exact. They were young, stupid and very horny. That sex drive carried from them to their kids. Melanie was 17. She was a junior and she was always one of the most popular girls in school. She was 5’10” 115 pounds. She had blonde hair down to the middle of her back and a nice pair of 38 c tits. She loved teasing all the boys at school by showing a lot of cleavage but of course she would never go anywhere with any of them. Dirk was an average 16-year-old kid. He played hockey in the winter so he was pretty muscular. He had brown hair and was quiet at school, but not at home. And little Daphne, she had hit puberty early and was turning into a very nice looking girl, blonde like her big sister with 34 c tits, and a very cute little ass. Jack was a toned guy with brown hair like his son. He was a very handsome 35-year-old guy. Betty was the prize, blonde curly hair, 36 d tits, wide hips, and a great ass. She was perfect. The family was wealthy and lived in a mansion of a house, secluded in the woods.

The whole thing started when Melanie and Dirk were 11 and 12 being just kids and home schooled. (Their parents decided that they didn’t want to send them to school right away.) They were caught kissing one night and their parents explained everything to them. They said it was only natural to want to explore each other. So they let it happen. Eventually Daphne caught on at 11. As for the parent’s involvement, Betty went on a business trip for a week and Jack couldn’t control his sex drive for that long. So he face fucked his oldest daughter and she loved it. So it just became natural. All three women went on the pill prevent problems.

This particular night was like any other. The kids got home from school and did their homework just to get it out of the way. Dirk went to his room to listen to music and Melanie went to take a shower. Daphne followed her. The Hoyt’s being wealthy had purchased a very large shower with seats and multiple showerheads. It could comfortably fit; you guessed it, 5 people.

Melanie stepped under the warm spray and rubbed her hands over her nipples it felt great. With her back to the clear glass door she heard the bathroom door click. She smiled. “Daphne, is that you?” “Yea, last night when I was licking your cunt it felt a little rough. I think you need a good shave.” “Daph, you know I can’t shave myself, it tickles to much and I can’t hold onto the razor.” “I know you can’t, but I can.” Daphne stepped into the shower with her dad’s electric, waterproof razor. She had a pile of shaving cream in he hands. She rubbed it onto Melanie crotch and turned on the razor. She quickly buzzed over her twat making poor Melanie shake all over. Daphne then put the razor down and sat Melanie in one of the showers seats. Daphne plunged her tongue deep into Melanie’s mouth and explored it with her tongue. She pinched and teased her sisters nipples letting her sister moan into her mouth. Daphne dragged her tongue down to Melanie’s luscious tits. Daphne took Melanie’s left nipple into to her mouth and bit it lightly while poking it with her tongue. She alternated between her left and right nipple for about 10 minutes. Melanie was going crazy; her pussy itched for Daphne’s tongue. She pushed Daphne’s head towards her crotch. Daphne knew Melanie hated being teased. So Daphne slowly licked her sister’s cunt lips, barley touching her clit every time she licked. Daphne held Melanie’s hands down while she tortured her. Melanie finally broke free and pushed her sister’s head deep into her crotch. Daphne took Melanie’s clit into her mouth sucked it hungrily while she slid two fingers into Melanie’s eager pussy. When she could feel Melanie start shaking she moved her face back and stuffed three fingers into her slit. She finger fucked her hard and fast sending Melanie into a screaming orgasm. Cunt juice squirted into Daphne’s face. She latched her mouth onto Melanie’s squirting clit and sucked it dry. Daphne loved it when Melanie sprayed pussy juice on her face.

Dirk heard the screams from his room. He dick began to stir immediately. He walked to the bathroom and opened the door. Through the somewhat foggy clear glass shower door, he could see his little sister on her hands and knees buried in his older sisters cooch. The site obviously turned him on. He shed his clothes and stepped into the shower. He walked over to Melanie and put his put his hard dick in her face. She moaned as she took his cock into her mouth and moved her lips up and down his shaft. She played with his balls with her hands as he guided her head up and down his cock with his hand. He wanted to cum in her mouth but he saw Daphne’s eyes looking eagerly up at him. He left Melanie and went around behind Daphne. She waved her cute ass in the air, teasing Dirk. He gave it a light slap and she whimpered into Melanie’s crotch. Dirk slid his cock into his little sister’s cunt and fucked her slowly. She moaned loudly and begged Dirk to cum inside her. He fucked her little twat until she screamed out in orgasm and her whole body shook. Dirk kept going as he could feel orgasm building. Daphne squealed in pleasure as Dirk shot his load deep inside her. He pulled out and Melanie greedily cleaned his cock of the mixture of his of cum and his sister’s girl juices. The three got cleaned up and went downstairs.

Jack and Betty had just arrived. The three kids bounded down the stairs very happy because of the upcoming weekend. Each greeted their parents with a kiss. The two girls and their father went watch T.V. while Dirk stayed in the kitchen with Betty as she made dinner. Dirk watched Betty as she hummed a tune and shook her beautiful ass all over the kitchen. His cock started to rise in his pants. He watched her bend over and put a chicken in the oven. He knew she was teasing him. He reached out and pinched her tight ass. She jumped up and turned around. “Dirk you naughty boy.” She kneeled in front of him and unbuttoned his pants. She slowly unzipped his fly and released his semi hard cock from his boxers. She took his manhood into her hands and stroked it to full hardness. A drop of pre cum appeared and Betty gobbled it up. She wrapped her lovely lips around his 8-inch shaft and bobbed up and down on his cock. Dirk leaned back and moaned as he watched his mother expertly suck his member. Dirk could feel it coming as Betty teased his dick with her tongue by flicking it over the sensitive tip. She plunged back onto his cock and sucked him hard. “I’m coming.” he groaned. Betty felt his warm goo hit the back of her throat and ooze onto her tongue. She sucked all that she could from his dick. Then she went back to making diner.<%PART%>

Meanwhile in the family room the two girls and Jack were watching the news. Daphne hated the news. It bored her, and when she got bored she whined and acted like an 8 year old. “Daddy I’m bored,” she said as she turned the T.V. off. “I wanna play, daddy, can I play with you?” “Well Daphne what do you to do, do you want to play cards, or a board game?” “No daddy, I wanna play with your big, hard cock” Jack smiled blissfully and rolled his head back onto the couch as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his big 10-inch cock. He stroked it as Daphne stared at it. She licked her lips in anticipation. Daphne took her dad’s cock in her hands and began to stroke it. She licked it up and down teasing the tip with her tongue. Jack moaned and Melanie began to rub herself under her skirt. Daphne worked on Jack’s dick like a pro. She slid her lips down his shaft and squeezed the tip of his cock with her throat. Jack almost drained his balls right there. Melanie came over and slid underneath Jack taking his nuts into her mouth. She tongued his balls giving him intense pleasure. Jack moaned as his two beautiful daughters worked his cock and balls. Melanie felt his nuts clench in her mouth. “I’m coming baby,” Daphne giggled. Hot white spunk shot straight into Daphne’s mouth. As much as she loved the salty taste of her daddy’s cum. She saved it all in her mouth and turned to Melanie. Melanie opened her hungry mouth. Daphne spewed the warm cum into her sister’s mouth. Then the two lovely girls kissed while swapping their dad’s steamy spunk. They eventually broke the kiss swallowing what they had in their mouths. Just then Betty called them for dinner.

The Hoyts ate their dinner and went into the living room to watch a movie. The movie ended at 10 and Betty could feel her cunt itching for some cock. “I’m going up to bed, anyone care to join me?” Betty’s seductive tone gave Dirk an immediate hard-on. He got up to follow. Melanie, Daphne, and Jack went up soon after.

Betty had her shirt unbuttoned exposing her nice cleavage. She was forcefully ripping of Dirk’s clothes. Once naked, he began stroking his cock. Melanie and Daphne stripped and then took off Jack’s clothes together. Jack grabbed his favorite daughter, Daphne, by the arm and threw her on the king sized bed. He lifted her legs up and plunged his hard 10-inch cock into her twat. She yelped in pain and pleasure. Betty bent over at the waist and put her hands on the bed. Melanie crawled under her and licked her mom’s wet pussy. Dirk came up behind Betty slid his hard dick into her steaming twat. He slowly thrust his cock in and out of her cunt. Melanie reached around and put two fingers into her mom’s ass. She groaned loudly. Dirk fucked his mom hard. She grunted every time his body hit her ass. Betty loved her son’s thick 8-inch cock. She begged him to cum inside her. “Please Dirk, fill me with your cum. I want you to shoot your hot load deep inside me.” “No, mom…” “Do not disobey your mother like that you little bastard.” This only turned Dirk on more. “I have something even better, now shut up you cum loving slut.” Betty moaned loudly, she loved when Dirk talked dirty. He pulled his cock out of her cunt and Melanie moved her attention to her mother’s hot and sticky cunt. Dirk slowly pushed his throbbing penis into his mother’s loose ass. Betty groaned, “fuck my ass you bastard! Ram your big cock into my ass!” Dirk grunted as he felt his orgasm building. Dirk yelled out as his hot load shot into his mom’s ass. Betty screamed as her daughter brought her to a thunderous orgasm, shaking her whole body and flooding Melanie’s face with creamy girl cum. Melanie swallowed all that she could.

Jack continued to fuck Daphne and fucked her harder by the minute with her encouragement. “fuck me daddy, your big dick feels sooo good in my little twat. I want to feel you’re hot cum inside my pussy. Harder daddy, harder.” Jack could feel his orgasm approaching. He slammed his big cock into his little daughter’s eager cunt. She loved his dick so much. Jack went in and out the full 10-inch length each time. He buried his cock in her one last time and spewed his cum into her pussy. Daphne moaned as his cum gushed into her body. They all collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion.

Everyone slept for about an hour. But Melanie, who had yet to orgasm, woke up. She looked at her sleeping family and smiled. She crawled over to her father and grabbed his limp cock. She stroked his big penis making it hard but being careful not to wake him. Melanie nudged her mother with her foot waking her. Betty pinched Daphne’s nipple lightly, awaking her. She woke with Dirk’s floppy cock resting on her face. She licked it and took it into her mouth bringing him to the waking world. They all stood up and stretched, eager for more sex. Betty lay down with her head on one end of the bed and her crotch centered in the middle of the bed. Melanie leaned over the bed and put her face into her mother’s awaiting crotch, but she concentrated on her ass hole. Daphne did the same as Melanie at the other side of the bed but lie on top of her mother. Putting her wet snatch onto her mother’s impatient mouth and burying her tongue into her mother’s honey hole. So Betty and Daphne lay in a 69 position with Melanie eating her mother’s ass. Melanie’s pussy and Daphne’s ass hole stuck out off either side of the bed waiting to be filled. Dirk moved behind Daphne and Jack behind Melanie.

Dirk probed his little sister’s ass with his cock. Gaining a half-inch with each pump he finally got all 8 inches into his sister’s tight ass. She moaned in intense pleasure as her mother ate her pussy and her brother filled her ass. Jack rammed Melanie’s itchy cunt. She groaned as she dug out her mom’s ass hole with her tongue. Betty came first as her youngest daughter expertly ate her snatch. She gushed her juices onto Daphne’s face as she cried out in pleasure. Betty’s reaction was to speed up her tongue-flicking over Daphne’s clit. Daphne squealed in pleasure and Dirk shot his spunk into her ass and her mother stimulated her clit. Jack could feel his balls tighten as he continued to pummel Melanie’s slit. Jack humped away at his daughter and he felt his jizz spew from his cock. Melanie felt her dad’s hot cum ooze into her. This feeling, combined with his hard dick filling her eager cunt sent her body into an unparalleled orgasm that shook her whole body uncontrollably. The Hoyts fell asleep with their naked bodies entangled and covered in each other’s juices. Thus ending another exciting day in their lives.


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