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Family Sex Slave: Part 1

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My brother & I haven’t had pussy in months & the only dick we had was each other’s. Don’t get me wrong; I love my brother & his dick. But, sometimes, I just want to see, feel & suck someone else’s dick, & I know my brother feels the same way.

Sometimes, you can pick up Bi guys in straight bars, & sometime if you get a straight guy drunk enough he will be content to gay sex, & to a threesome. So, we went to the local bar, just for a few drinks. We saw this really sexy looking guy. Jimmy & I just looked at each other. Each knowing the other wanted him, just as bad. So we moved over, each taking the seat on the stool next to him.

I asked, “What’s tasting good tonight?”

He said, “Goldschlager”

Jimmy said, “I’m, Jimmy, & this is my brother John, & your name is?”

The guy said, “I’m Bobby, glad to meet you.” Jimmy & I looked at each, while I was thinking, “not as glad as your gonna be.”

While Jimmy & Bobby talked about the Cubs season for a minute.

I wanted this guy more than anyone else tonight. I was willing to do anything & everything to suck his cock & taste his cum.

I said to the bar tender, “Keep the Goldschlager coming on me.” He just winked & smiled at me.

About an hour later, & 6 shots of Goldschlager, I thought it was save to make my move.

I lend over to Bobby & asked, “Can I suck your cock?”

Bobby said, “I have a gay brother, & a bi brother, but I’m just a pussy man. You are going to have to set your eyes on some other guy, not me.” 

I said, “That’s cool, man.” as I motion for the bar tender to bring over another shot of Goldschlager, for Bobby.

We kept on shooting the shit, as Bobby gulp down shot after shot of Goldschlager.

About an hour later, Jimmy thought he would try.

Jimmy said, “If you won’t let my brother suck your cock. Will you let me run my tongue from your balls to the head of your dick?”

Bobby said, “Like I told your brother, I am a pussy man, meaning I’m only into pussy. I love the way it looks, smells, tastes, & most of all the way it feels around my cock. All of this pussy talk, is making me hornier, I’m going home to fuck my girlfriend.” As he got up to leave, he tried to pay the tab.

I cut in & asked, the bar tender, “How much?”

He told me, & I gave him double & told him, “Keep the change.”

The bar tender smiled & said, “Thanks, man.”

Once we was outside, again I asked, “Are you sure, you don’t want me to give you the best blowjob, you’ll ever have?”

Bobby said, “My girlfriend gives the best head in the world, & I’m going home to get some from her now, but thanks for the offer anyway.

I pushed him against his car with my hand in jacket my pocket wrapped around a dildo, pushing it out, like it was a gun. When I asked, “Are you sure, you don’t want to reconsider my offer?”

Bobby said, “Hey, man no need for all that. Just don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want.”

I said, “Good, turn around with your hands behind your back.”

He did, without being told twice. Jimmy, put some handcuffs on him. Then we walked him to my van. Jimmy opened the side door. Bobby climbed up in my van. Jimmy made him move over, to allow room for him on the seat to, & then Jimmy put a blindfold on Bobby. So, Bobby wouldn’t know where we were taking him. As I drove to our place, Jimmy was busy undoing Bobby’s pants & pulling out Bobby huge cock.

Jimmy said, “Man, his cock is 10” X 3”, if it’s an inch. I did a mirror check, & I was disappointed, when all I could see was Jimmy’s cock.” Jimmy was teasing Bobby’s cock.

I said, “Where do you live man?”

Bobby said, “I ain’t telling you assholes anything.”

I said, “I thought you wanted to feel her soft sexy lips wrapped around your cock tonight?”

Bobby said, “Oh, man, do I ever? The way she looks with my cock going in & out of her mouth is out of this fucking world. It always starts out, with her sucking me, but it always ends up, with me fucking her sexy face. She’s the first woman, that could ever deep throat me.”

I said, “Well, unless you give me the address, that ain’t happening tonight.” He finally gave up the address, I called a cab company & had a cab to pick her up & bring her to my address, & with the cab driver to explain that Bobby was in trouble & needed her to come to him. My plan worked, within 30 minutes she was there. Bobby was didn’t lie, she was very sexy.

In the meantime, Jimmy & I had Bobby nude, & handcuffed to the wall. We were just about to start taking turns sucking Bobby’s huge cock. When the doorbell rang. Mary walked in & was shocked to see all 3 of us nude & Bobby handcuffed to the wall.

I told her, “Undress now! If you don‘t what we say; when, & how we say it. Bobby is going to get hurt.” She didn’t have to be told twice. Within 2 mins she was just as nude was Bobby was.

Jimmy told her, “Lay down on the bed, & open your legs wide.”

Jimmy got down between her legs & started licking & sucking her pussy.
Jimmy said, “Bobby, she’s got the best tasting pussy, I’ve ever eaten.”

I popped in a bi men porn flick in the VCR.

Bobby said, “You fucking assholes. That’s my girlfriend. Leave her the fuck alone.”

I said, “Bobby, you should have said, “Yes” back at the bar, then none of this would have happened. You wouldn’t be handcuffed to the wall, & she never would have had to leave home tonight. But, no you’re a pussy man. Remember? Come on, Jimmy, make her moan. Eat that pussy good. Come on bro, I want to hear the bitch moan so loud the people next door hear her.” Soon Bobby & I could see & hear Mary moaning & bucking her hips, working her clit even more on Jimmy’s tongue.

I walked over & put my dick in her mouth. I said, “Man, Bobby, you was right, she really does look even sexier with a cock going in & out of her mouth. Thanks for the idea, & the pussy to. All I was looking for was a threesome with my brother & you, Bobby. But, I am going to end up with a foursome & some pussy & ass to.”

Bobby said, “No, not her ass to. Her ass belongs to me.” as he pulled on the handcuffs. I looked at Bobby’s cock, & it was hard as a rock.

I said, “Jimmy, I think he’s getting off on this.”

With one hand, Jimmy opened her pussy lips even wider, to allow his tongue to go even deeper, as he finger fucked her with 3 fingers. I played with my & her nipples, making them to stand up hard as rocks. Jimmy put a 4th finger in her pussy & one her asshole, getting it really to be fucked.

When Bobby saw this, he really went crazy. He said, “I told you guys, her ass is my.”

I said, “Well Bobby, tonight your are sharing.”

Once Jimmy had his lips locked around the clit, he moved one hand to her ass, & put one finger in her ass, & put his whole hand into her pussy. Mary really went wild then. Mary moved her hands to my balls & cock & was giving me the best blowjob I ever had in my life. Jimmy kept adding more & more fingers to her ass. Soon Mary moaned so loud, I bet the guys at the bar could hear her. I knew then, Jimmy made her cum. I thought Bobby was going to cum to, but he didn’t.

I said, “Well, I think your girlfriend just came on my brother’s face. What do you think Bobby?” Again, Bobby tried to get lose, but wasn’t able to. We let Mary settle down a minute, before trading places.

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