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Family Affair

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Fiction! Any names resembling you is pure coincidence. BEWARE THIS IS A LONG DETAILED STORY. Please Enjoy 

Girl Meets Son

I am a 18 year old girl, 5’7 golden blonde hair baby blue eyes with long slender legs and a nice firm rack proportional to my body, 34C. I tip the scales at 120 lbs. My father is a successful stock broker and my mother is the D.A. of our city. So I am pretty much a silver spoon baby and only child. The only way I know how to dress was ‘dress to impress and to tease’ or very sexy. I love to shop for clothes and shoes and I get whatever I want. I also love to tease; I find it more arousing for both parties. My closest is full of short dresses and a lot of shoes. Six inch heels to strappy dress sandals, to platform boots. My dresser is filled with mini skirts, tank tops, tube shirts, halter tops, and the finest collection of bras and panties. Also there is an assortment of colors in stockings. I love the way stockings feel against my legs. It makes them feel extra smooth. 

Anyways I want to tell a story about my first sex experience, first lesbian experience and my first anal breach all in one night. At school I met this boy named Mark that was gorgeous, he was the complete package, but I wanted to know what his real package was like. He was 6’4, brown hair brown eyes, and muscular. The first time we met I was wearing a plaid miniskirt with some knee high white stockings, and some six inch heels. My hair was in a bun and I had my reading glasses on, the classic school girl look. We were in class and I was sitting in the back row with my legs crossed. He was sitting one row in front of me and one seat to the right so when he looked behind he could see under my desk. He kept looking back at me hoping to get a free show. So I decided to play it to my advantage. I dropped my pencil, and when I reached down to get it I uncrossed my legs, leaving an upskirt view of my panties visible and I made sure I leaned forward enough to show a nice cleavage shot of my breasts. Then I looked up and saw him looking back, I just winked and smiled and he smiled back. Then the bell rang and the day was over. I got up and walked past him slowly so he could get a nice look at my tender ass. To my surprise I felt his hand run against my ass as I walked by. 
I walked to my car when he finally caught up with me. He asked me for a ride home, I couldn’t refuse to the hottest guy in the school. “What do I get in return?” I asked. He pinned me against the car and kissed me, while his hands were moving around my waist and ass. He lifted my left leg up with his hand and I wrapped it around his leg. I felt his cock getting hard and grinded against his pelvis. I pushed him away I told him to get in. He was in the car first, and then I got into the leather driver’s seat. My skirt rode up my thigh and I caught him starting. I asked, “Like what you see?” He just replied with another smile and a bulge in his pants. I took him home and on the way we talked about the usual stuff, but he couldn’t focus on my face, he just kept staring at my legs and chest. When we got to his house he asked me to go out with him. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and said yes. He got out and I drove off. Over the next couple weeks we did the usual stuff that any couple would do while dating. We did the movie theater motif, making out in the back row, going to parties. Every time we went out I made sure to wear either a mini skirt or a short dress to show off my legs, and I wore heels to show off my feet. After one of our make out sessions he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and have dinner with him and his parents, then afterwards we would go all the way. I said yes and told him I couldn’t wait.

The night of the dinner I was thinking on what to wear. I wanted to be looking at my best because I was going to meet his parents. So I decided on a black pinstripe business suit. The skirt came six inches above my knee. The white blouse had six buttons, so I left the top two buttons undone, leaving a professional yet sexy look at my chest. The jacket was a blazer type and I left it unbuttoned. I decided to wear a bra since I was going to eat with his parents and put on some panties. I finished off the outfit with tan pair of thigh high stockings and a pair of six inch black stilettos; this made me now 6’1. I put on my makeup and did my hair. I walked to my door mirror and looked at myself. My legs looked extra long because of the heels and the miniskirt. I bent over and ran my fingers up my stocking covered legs and around my skirt. Then I straightened my blouse out and walked downstairs. 

Then the doorbell rang and I opened the door and saw Mark, I kissed him. Our tongues interlocked for five seconds. Then he said I looked nice and I thanked him. We walked towards his car he had his arm around my waist. He opened the door for me and I slid into the car. My skirt rose up revealing the tops of my stockings. I adjusted what little I could. Then Mark got into the driver’s seat and started the car and drove towards his house. While in the car I felt his hand on my thigh moving up and down. I took his hand away and told him tonight is going to be the best night of our lives. I backed up my statement by putting my hand in his crotch and smiling. I played with his cock until it got hard then I took my hand away. We got to his house and he walked me up to the door with his arm around my waist again. His parents opened the door and invited me in. Wow! Was the first thing that came into my mind. Not only was his house beautiful but his dad was just as hot as Mark, only taller and more built. Not to mention his mom was a knockout. His mom was dressed in a cocktail dress and heels and his dad was wearing a suit and tie. We sat down in the family room to talk before dinner was ready. His mom’s name is Lauren and his dad’s name is also Marc but with a C. Mark and I sat on one couch and his parents on the opposite couch. We talked about the usual chit chat, that’s when I saw a bulge coming from his dad’s pants. He was looking at my legs. So I crossed them and dangled my shoe from my foot. That really got him hard; he was hypnotized by my foot. I continued to do this while he drank his drink. Then I look at his mom uncross her legs, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, showing me a beautiful bare pussy, then I heard, “So what do you think about it?” I had no clue what she was talking about but I looked up and stuttered and replied with, “I like it a lot,” and just smiled. Then his mom got up and went to check on the dinner. Marc got up and followed her into the kitchen to get another drink for him. I turned towards Mark and kissed him while I put my hand near his crotch. Then we heard his mom call us for dinner. 

I got up and went to the table but Mark didn’t get up immediately because he was hard. He finally got up and walked to the table with his hands in his pocket, I knew he was grabbing his hard on to hide it from his parents. I sat down next to Mark and once again his parents sat across from us his dad across from me and his mom across from Mark. It was a nice dinner, it was steak. We ate and talked about the usual topics. 

During dinner I felt Mark’s hand once again roam around my thigh and up towards my pussy. I let him wander and by doing so this caused me to get hot and horny, and wet. I then put my hand in his crotch and started to rub his cock. Then I decided to double my fun by teasing his dad. After all, I saw his dad and wanted to fuck him. So I slid off my heel and moved my foot along the floor until I met Marc’s foot, naturally he moved his foot away thinking it was just a mistake. But I found it again and this time he caught on and left it there realizing what I was trying to do. I moved my tan stocking foot up the leg of Marc. He coughed and adjusted his posture so his crotch was closer to my foot. I stroked up and down his leg and then I ran up his thigh and felt his cock. I was amazed that it was so far down by his knee. It was only a few inches away from his knee. I ran my toes along the outline of his head, all along while his son Mark is still playing with my pussy. I played footsie with Marc’s head for about five minutes, when his wife Lauren, got up and said she was going to get desert ready. Mark took his hand away from my leg and helped his mom clear and was the dishes, while Marc reached down and moved my foot away from him and got up to get another drink from the kitchen. I was in the room by myself, so I checked my make up and my hair and put back on my heel when his dad came back in and sat next to me. He put his hand on my thigh and looked at me and said “I hope you saved enough room for dessert” I looked at him and removed his hand from my leg and got up and straddled him in his chair, making my skirt raise up revealing my panties, I took his tie into my hands and said ‘I love dessert.’ And then I pulled him close to me by his tie and kissed him as he held my ass in his big hands. Our tongues met and I could taste the liquor that he was drinking. He was still hard from me playing with him with my foot, so I bounced gently up and down on his cock. I got of his lap and walked towards the bathroom to freshen up. He started to follow me but Lauren called him back into the kitchen. 

When I was in the bathroom I heard Lauren say that she had forgotten the desert and she and Marc went out to get it from the store. Also I relieved myself in the bathroom and removed my wet panties and put them in my purse. Then I saw the door open and Mark walked in. I smiled and walked over to him and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me out of the bathroom towards his room. I could feel him getting hard as we moved through the hallways. When we got to his room he put me down and I told him to sit in a chair. I walked over towards his computer to put on some music. Then I turned around and started to strip for him. I removed my blazer and dropped it on the ground. I walked around behind Mark in his chair and ran my fingers down his shirt and started to unbutton it while I ran my tongue around his neck. He took off his shirt and then I walked in front of him again and stood a couple of feet away from him facing towards him and then I started to undo the buttons on my blouse while moving my hips around. I let my blouse hit the floor and then I straddled Mark’s crotch. Kissing him again and grinding his cock. He reached behind me and undid my bra and that fell to the floor. He played with my breast and licked them. Then I got back up and said, ‘I’m such a tease, I should be spanked.’ Then he grabbed me by the waist and turned me around and I bent over leaving my ass in full view of him. He then felt my ass, his hands ran across the silk skirt and then he slowly undid the zipper. I was playing with my breasts and giggling while he was undoing my zipper, then I felt the skirt slide down my legs and I stepped out of it and bent back over. He then spanked me lightly, with each whack getting stronger. 

He gave me ten spankings, a nice even number, and his number was nice and stiff as well as an even number in length, eight inches. When he was done spanking me he stood up and I felt his cock against my ass crack. I rubbed my ass into his cock then I got up and took him by the hand and led him towards his bed. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, then I laid him on his back and I crawled onto all fours above him. His cock was moving uncontrollably. I moved my pussy up to his face and sat down on him. I felt his tongue move in, and it was the best feeling so far that I have experienced. He moved it in circles and it made my clit respond in the most erotic ways. I could feel his hands running up and down my legs still in my stockings. I humped his face up until he made me cum. I cummed onto his face and then I slid my body down to his cock, and I licked up my own juices from his face. I was on my knees and took his cock into my hands again, and then I gently led it to my pussy until it was right above it. Then all of a sudden I felt a most horrible pain, Mark had thrusted his cock into my pussy without notice.

It was a sudden pain, but it was only sudden the feeling is beyond any words of description. It felt so good. I laid myself onto his chest and he rolled me over on my back. I had my hands on my breast and his hands were next to my head. He was holding himself up while sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. His pace was increasing as my moans grew louder and louder. Then another first feeling I experienced. Mark had cum into my body, I could feel it shoot out of his cock and flow through my pussy. He kept his cock in my pussy for a while after he came, then he pulled out and he moved up to my breasts. He was already hard again and then he began to tit fuck me. His cock felt so good running in between my breasts. Just like the routine of him fucking me was the same he used on my breasts, while my hands were down playing with my pussy. I had my mouth open waiting for him to cum. He then cummed right into my face and some of his cum got into my eye while most of it got into my mouth. 

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