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Double Fucked In Public

(Part 1 from 1)

The following is a true story happening on September 25; 2011. I had the most amazing public sex experience Sunday afternoon at The Club, a gay gym in Dallas. The club was having their year end BBQ out by the swimming pool and there were about 50 guys all hanging out eating burgers and dogs, most were naked or just wrapped in a towel. I am a nudist so I was one of the naked guys I am 63 in great shape for my age, only weigh 140 at six feet tall, and tanned with no tan lines.

I have always had a fantasy to be fucked by two guys at the same time; my wish finally was fulfilled Sunday afternoon. There was a great looking black guy next to me on a chase lounge with a gorgeous 10 or 11 inch dick that seemed to stay hard all afternoon. We chatted and made small talk for about 30 minutes to an hour. I helped him out putting baby oil all over his body including his fantastic cock I also paid special attention to his great ass and he did the same for me giving a very good massage while he was at it, when all of a sudden in a loud voice that most everyone around could hear he said “I need someone to sit on my dick now” I ask really right here now?

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He said yes. Lots of public sex takes place by the pool but management discourages public fucking, they do not mind blowjobs and hand jobs in the public areas, so I looked over at the staff guy handling the BBQ and gave him a look and shoulder shrug like I was asking if it was OK, he gave me a thumbs up sign and said in a voice that all could hear “go for it if you have the balls”. What happened next I will never forget as long as I live it was the hottest sex I have ever had.

I got up off of my chase lounge and straddled him and sat down on his dick letting his beautiful cock slide right in; I had given my self a colonic Sunday morning before I left for the BBQ so there was no problem with messy stuff. I had a fantastic erection myself because of the thoughts going through my head about me being fucked by this hunk in front of 50 other guys, I was HOT. I road him for about five or ten minutes until I thought to myself that this is the best opportunity I will ever have in my life to be double fucked. I said I a very loud voice “Somebody double fuck Me Now Please” a good looking dude about 42 came over and grabbed the baby oil and greased up his 7” cock and straddled Jason and proceeded to work his cock into my hole, it took about a minuet for my hole to stretch enough so that he could get his full length up my ass.

We fucked like this for about another five minutes until Jason started blowing his load in my ass, it was the most awesome feeling to feel his cock swelling in my ass while the other guy was pounding away with all of his energy just going wild. I started cumming with out even touching my dick jizz was running all over Jason’s stomach it looked awesome all of my white cum running off of his ebony skin. When the other guy started cumming I passed out, I was in kind of a swoon I just collapsed on Jason’s chest with both dicks still in my ass. I came to my senses a few minutes later laying on my chase lounge with everyone standing around looking at me when I opened my eyes they all started clapping and giving me thumbs ups and comments like “awesome, great fucking show, fuck that was hot”.

After I recovered I was ravenous and ate a couple of hot dogs and rested on the chase lounge when I got up to grab a beer there was a large puddle of cum the has dripped out of my ass on to the chase and the pavement below it I will never forget that day, I still can not believe that I did that in public in front of so many people. I will continue to go to The Club with the hope that history will be repeated many times.

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