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Dave's Cheerleader Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

Completely fictional. Never try this in real life or you'll spend some time in jail. Enjoy.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah just got home from cheerleading practice. She had long, raven-black hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. Her outfit consisted of a short red and white striped skirt, a matching top, and black socks pulled up to her knees. She came bouncing into the house at three-thirty; she hoped she was alone so she could finger herself for a while before her parents got home from work. Looking at the other girls in the locker room always made her soaked.

Dave was in his bedroom checking out incest porn on the internet and stroking his nine inch cock with his free hand. He was nineteen, and always dreamed about his little sister sucking him off. He heard the door shut downstairs, but he didn't put his stuff away. He spit a big load of saliva on his dick and just kept sliding his hand over his well-lubricated prick. He was looking at a girl his sister's age giving her brother a good blowjob. The guy came all over the girl's teeth and she swallowed it all.

Sarah passed by her brother's room without a thought. She opened her door and threw her pom-poms on the floor. After grabbing a small mirror off of her dresser, she sat down on her bed. She placed the mirror in front of her cunt and pulled her panties to the side. "Shit. Why can't I grow any hair down there? I really should get Dave's opinion." She snuck a finger in her pussy, and plunged it in and out a couple of times. As she was moaning, she figured she better go see her brother before he went out, so she left her underwear pulled over to the side as she rose off of the bed.

"That's it, little sis, suck that huge cock. That's it, slip your tongue all around it until it cums...," Dave whispered to the computer screen as he jerked away on his glistening dick. He was just about to shoot into his open mouth (Dave didn't like to clean up his messes) when he heard the knocking. 
"Dave, are you there? I need your help!"

Dave was pissed as he told his sister to go away. The sound of her voice, though, made his cock pulse.
"I can't! I really, really need your help. Pleeaase!"
"Alright. Hold on a sec." He stuffed his monster back into his shorts and pulled his shirt down over it. He walked to the door and opened it, letting his little sister in. He immediately started getting perverted thoughts as he checked Sarah out in her cheerleading outfit. She went over and sat on his bed. He sat in front of her on the computer chair. He hadn't noticed that there was still the image of the sister taking a shot in her mouth on the monitor. 
Sarah didn't notice yet, and she just remained seated, staring at her brother with innocent eyes. "I...uh...need to ask you something. It's very personal, so don't tell anyone, okay?"

"Sure. Whatever. Just hurry up already." Dave shifted; his cock was beginning to grow again. The sight of his young sister sitting on his bed with her legs part-way opened was driving him nuts.
"Well, it's just that, I can't seem to grow any hair."
"What are you talking about? You have long, beautiful hair, Sarah."
"I mean...down there. I'm still bald, and I'm afraid there's something wrong with me. Plus, I don't like the way I look down there; it's real big. Can you just look at it and tell me what you think?"

Dave couldn't believe what he was hearing. Here was his sister telling him to check out her snatch while she was wearing her cheer outfit. 'Dreams can't be this good', he thought. "Okay, Sarah. Show me your cunt and I'll tell you what I think."
"Thanks!" Sarah brought her tanned legs up and rested her feet on the bed. She spread her legs and pulled her panties over to the side, exposing her sweaty pussy to her older brother. The lips were extremely long and puffy, and there was no hair to be found. "What do you think?"
Dave just couldn't help himself; he reached down and started rubbing his cock through the thin fabric of his shorts as his eyes were glued to his teenager sister's bulging cunt-flaps. "I think that is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen in my life."

Sarah brought her hand down to spread her lips wide. "You really mean that? You don't think it's ugly?"
"Does this show you I think it's gorgeous?" Dave stood up and ripped his shorts down, letting his younger sister see his pulsing hard-on. The head was shimmering with white, pre-cum. 
"Wow! Your cock is just like Daddy's. Can I smell it?"
"What do you mean 'like Daddy's'?" Dave was befuddled.
Sarah lowered her head in slight embarrassment. "Sometimes I sneak in Mommy and Daddy's room, and lick his cock when he's sleeping. He even came in my mouth once. Now, can I smell and lick your cock, or what?"
"That depends. Can I suck your bare pussy?"
"Of course. I feel we could go all the way. I want you to take my cherry, too." Sarah scooted back on the bed, and left her legs wide open. Her pussy had a stream of clear liquid running down the big lips. Dave tore off all of his clothes and layed down next to her. Sarah reached out and started running her fingernails over the veiny cock of her brother. 

"That's sweet, little sister," Dave moaned, as she moved down to rest her head on Dave's stomach. His large cock-head was an inch away from her face, and she saw the cream leaking out of it. 
She inhaled deeply. "I love the smell of your cum and dick, Dave." She snaked her tongue out, and lapped up the semen that coated the head. She pushed her mouth onto the head, and sucked with passion; the slurping sounds she made drove Dave crazy.
"Bring that hairless pussy up here so I can eat all of your juices out of it."
"Okay, big bro. Eat my cunny good." Sarah moved her bald cunt over her brother's face. He sniffed her large pussy, and began licking it like he always dreamed about.

Sarah took half of the meaty cock in her throat, and hummed at its sweetness. She felt the dick leak into her mouth as she got two more inches in. Dave, meanwhile, sucked the flabby lips of his younger sister's cunt, and thrashed his head back and forth into the hairless pussy.

Sarah drew her mouth off of the large cock, and said, "Before you take my virginity, I want to eat your cum. Cum for me, brother. Right in my mouth." She placed her full lips back on his shaft, and, this time, deepthroated all of his manhood. Up and down; up and down her head went on the thick cock.

Dave thrusted three fingers half way into her virgin snatch, and started rubbing his nose on her asshole as he licked all over the cunt of his sister. After Sarah took all of the pecker down four more times, Dave told her he was going to cum. Sarah buried her nose into his big sack as she felt his hot, sweaty cock beat. "Uh,uh,uh, here!" Dave yelled from in between the folds of young pussy flesh. Sarah didn't even gag as shot after shot exploded into her eager throat. The steaminess of the cum made Sarah's legs quiver, and her cunt blasted white juice into her brother's mouth.

"I love the taste of your cum, sis. I want it everyday and you could have mine."

Sarah slurped at her brother's now-softening cock, and swallowed all of his semen. She layed down next to him, and they embraced as she stared at the image of incest porn on his computer. "Now all we have to do is get mom and dad involved," Sarah said as she playfully massaged his dick.
"Don't worry. I'll take care of that," Dave said, as he leaned over and started giving his bare-pussied sister a deep kiss.

....< To be continued... br>

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