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Daddy this is wrong.

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100% fiction!

The sun was glaring through a space in the blinds of my chemistry class last period on a spring Friday when my phone began to buzz. Chemistry was never my strong point and once the teacher continued his explanation on the board I opened the text from my mum. It read, "Hey sweetie, hope you have had a good day. Dad will be picking you up from school today for once, he is home early from Australia and I have been called for an over night last minute business trip. Love you hun, mum x". Pleasantly surprised I began looking forward to seeing my dad, he and my mum had a divorce three years ago because of some issue they had concerning my mums daughter from her first relationship. I wasn't told of the issue until years after, i didn't know at this point either. Since the divorce he had remarried and was the father of two baby twins, my half brothers. They lived in Australia and he was due a visit that week, I was happy to hear he was coming sooner.

Once the bell rang I rushed out of the school to see my dad sitting in his new Bentley. Dad had always been the wealthier of my parents and lived in total luxury, the finest of fine. I hopped in and he planted a big kiss on my lips and gave me a long cuddle, "Oh honey i have missed you so much give daddy a kiss." Our family have always been openly touchy feely and from an early age both my mum and dad were comfortable with us lounging around the house naked, walking in to the bathroom while they were in the shower, kissing us and always telling us they loved us, it was an open and loving environment, when my mum and dad were still together they regularly made love with the door open and let their moans and slams travel up to the upstairs bedrooms where my half sister and i slept in harmony. It was never thought as abnormal, infact it often swayed me in to a sweet sleep.

My school uniform consisted of a short pleated skirt, a short sleeved white fitted shirt that nicely stretched over my C-cupped pale breasts that i was ever so proud of having before the other teenage girls in my year, i had always been an early developer what with latin blood, wide hips, wide round ass, and athletic long legs my mum would tease me, "Honey your eye candy im worried about all these men. jail bait my girl!" she would tell me. As it was a sunny day i had knee high socks on and cute black pumps, my dad smiled and began a fatherly, "How was your day..." style conversation.

Once we got back to the house he told me to do my homework and then we could order pizza and rent some movies because the twins were at Tara (his new wife's) mother's and Tara was visiting friends and wouldnt be home before midnight.

That night, dad and i sat up till about eleven laughing and talking and watching a movie. The movie was a rom-com and had some scenes where i had never known people to have so much desire for eachother. My dad explained the parts i didnt understand. During a part of the movie, where the two lead lovers were lusting so roughly and saying words that i had never known to be considered acceptable to say to anyone, I felt my lace panties moisten, i was only in really short pyjamas and a belly top and felt uncomfortable about my dad noticing, especially as i had a thong on and i wasnt sure how me might react if he knew despite the fact we were open about these things.

Once i had said goodnight i went up to my bedroom and left him downstairs watching TV.

In bed i kept thinking about what i had seen that night and how much the woman seemed to be enjoying what the man was doing to her. Unknowingly, i found myself caressing my little teenage clit stroking and rubbing it as i felt my juices trickle out. My pussy felt smooth and freshly shaven, i could feel my clit begin to swell. Noticing the time was midnight and i hadn't been able to sleep i thought a drink might help.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen, pouring a glass of water for myself. My dad heard there was someone up and began speaking as he made his way through to the kitchen "Tara honey is that you, i was watching something on tv there and its got me really hard, i really want t....." stopping dead on his tracks as he noticed the slender figure standing in tiny white panties and a see-through white halter was in fact, me, he quickly apologised for what he heard and slowly looked at me from head to toe.

"you really want to...... what daddy?" i teased. "honey daddy was just..." he began, i quickly interrupted, "fuck her?" i grinned from ear to ear. "well yes honey its what adults do." he sighed, he knew there was no way to cover it. "i can assure you daddy, not only adults fuck." surprised by my assertiveness he raised his eye brow. "what are you saying sweetie?" he said concerned. "wel..."

i planted a kiss on his lips, a little longer than the one he had given me in the car, a little surprised at my own forwardness i smiled and began to walk into the living room.

I knew he was staring at my big round ass bouncing as i walked though to the living room. I knew how wrong it was, i was painfully aware of the fact that the only thing that was going through my mind was being fucked by the man i came from, it was turning me on so much.

he followed me through to the living room, i could hear him breathing heavily. i knew he wanted me, i needed to feel him want me. i turned and told him it was okay, he looked me in the eye and said, "baby, take those panties off, daddy doesnt approve." without a minutes hesitation i slipped the lace down my creamy legs and looked into his eyes innocently as they dropped to the floor. he sat down on the couch, "bend over my lap, youv been a very naughty girl." i felt my pussy throbbing and did as he said as my nipples began to harden and pop through my top. "you are.." he spanked my bare ass and i let out a soft groan, "a dirty.."

he spanked me a little harder this time and i let out a louder moan,"..little slut!" i let out a cheeky giggle and shut my eyes. "is that all youv got? you know this is wrong." i stated, pretending to resist despite my desire for him to destroy my tight teen pussy. Slapping his palm as hard as he could down on my pale ass he said, "tell me you love your daddy, tell me your a dirty bitch" i screamed loud, "ooh daddy i love you, im such a dirty little bitch, i love you daddy uuuuh" i groaned in extacy as my juices created a wet patch on his trousers.

"Thats a girl, now, i think daddy needs to give his little girl what she deserves, do you need to be punished?" he grabbed my long dark hair and pulled me to his lips and stuck his wet tongue inside my litte teen mouth moaning. "mm yes daddy teach me a lesson!" i said breathlessly.

he slapped me accross the cheek and i fell to the floor. "take your top off you slut and spread those legs, let me see you work that tight little pussy." i did what he said, moaning as i watched him release his hard 7" snake and take off all his clothes. "mm i love your hard dick daddy its so big." i couldnt help myself, my actions were overcoming every emotion, i was lusting for my own father and it was so hot! "get up here and suck daddys cock like daddys good little whore" i knelt infront of him and spat on his throbbing cock, "like this daddy? do you like it when i spit on your dick?" he shut his eyes and moaned as he drove his cock down my throat and guided my head down his massive shaft with his hands roughly pushing me down.

"let me taste that little virgin pussy" he groaned as he pushed me to the floor, he began kissing me again, forcing his tongue around mine, he put two of his large male fingers past my soft pink teen lips and nibbled my hard pink nipples, "mmm you like it when daddy eats your tittes dont you baby" i was frantically licking his fingers, desperate for him to put them inside me. Finaly he started teasing me, lightly licking my clit, stroking my pussy and smiling as i groaned in pleasure, "do you like it when daddy licks your cunt juice?" i put my hands through his hair and moaned "yes daddy, lick my new tight pussy"

he forced two fingers straight into my pussy and began finger fucking my tight childlike hole, i was quivering and he was grabbing my little pink nipples and twisting them to make me scream.

"fuck me you fucking pervert, stretch my virgin hole daddy i want your dick!" i couldnt bare waiting any longer and my daddy just smiled and slapped me. he grabbed me by the waist and spun me on all fours. "bend over like a good little bitch and show daddy your little asshole." i did as he asked and pointed my butt out as he spat onto my ass letting it drop down to my pussy. then, my daddy grabbed my waist and slid his massive cock into my tight hole, "mm stretch it daddy fuck me" he quickly upped the pace and began groaning as i screamed for him to fuck me harder. he groped my titties and rubbed my little teenage clit, "oh baby go have such a small little asshole, im going to fuck you up." i winced as he started on my tiny virgin ass, "ohhhhhh daddy yes yes you fucking sick bastard you love to fuck ur little girl dont you daddy you fucking love it!" grunting and moaning together he pounded my little ass doggy style as the living room door creeked open, "daddy dont stop fucking me!" i exclaimed as Tara appeared at the door.

Not missing a beat, my dad gazed at Tara and began to thrust into me harder. "do you enjoy that little tight cunt baby?" tara said, she smelt of alcohol and seemed interested in the goings on. my dad seemed startled at her reaction, but it turned us all on more, Tara stripped down and sat infront of my face with her pasty smoothe legs wide open, "lick mommy's cunt, let daddy watch us" both surprised and turned on by the thin big breasted 33 yearold woman presented infront of me, i did exactly what i was told. after all, i was a good little girl.

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