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Dad and Son do the Twins Part 2

(Part 1 from 2)

(read part 1 first)
This is part 2 of my first story ever, hope you enjoy. 

The moving bed woke me up around midnight, not being used to my bed moving around cause I slept alone for 10 years. And sure enough there were Rose and Daisy practicing their newfound sexuality. My twin 10-year-old girls were now lovers. They were in a sideways 69. From what I could see they weren’t’ doing very much. A little sniffing and licking. Rose said, “Oh Daddy you’re awake. My nookie is very sore.” 

I said, “It ought to be you just had your virginity taken by your 14 year old brother not 5 hours ago, but you will be alright honey.” 

Rose said, “It is already feeling better the more Daisy licks me Daddy.” 

Daisy chimed in, “Mine is also a little sore from falling on the remote control and loosing my virginity, but at least I didn’t get that long dick of Sam stretching me out.” 

I asked Daisy, “Are you trying to tell me something honey, in your own round about way?” 

“Yes Daddy I want to be next, but I was wondering if you could be the one to put your pee pee in me?” 

I said, “Ok girls we can continue with our little love-in, but you are going to have to get the terminology right. No more pee pee’s and thingies.” I gave them all the acceptable terms for sex organs and sex acts. Like cum, dick, tits, pussy, cock, nookie and etc. 

I told the girls to wake up Sam because I would need his help again, and they started to shake him. I stopped them and said from now on the acceptable way to wake someone up in this house will be a hand or mouth to the dick, cunt or tits. 

Daisy laid down facing Sam’s crotch. And Rose plopped her hairless pussy right down on Sam’s face. Daisy yanked Sam’s foreskin back and quickly had him in her mouth, while coddling his balls. Well I guess she had been paying attention from earlier. Sam probably had the best wake up in his 14 ½ years. He started moaning and growing. I let them go at it for a few minutes until everyone seemed wide awake and ready to go. I said ok kids it is my turn again. Sam immediately grabbed my hard cock and forced my foreskin back and got my entire length into his throat. I stopped him and said, “Not another blowjob from you Sam, Daisy wants me to fuck her.” 

“But Dad, you said there is no way you are gonna be able to fit that 11 ½ inch wrist sized monster of yours into her without me loosening her up for a while, Why don’t you do Rose I already got her loosened up a little bit.” Sam said.

I said, “I know what I said and thanks for reminding me that you will be getting all of the firsts around here. But I been thinking, and have an idea of how I’m gonna be able to get my twice the average sized dick into her little 10 year old pussy.” 

“Oh really Daddy, I am so happy, but I don’t want to get hurt.” Daisy said. 

I then asked her “Has anyone gotten hurt so far, except for when you fell onto the remote control?” I told her there is definitely gonna be pain but no one is going to get hurt. I told Sam to reach in the bedside table and get the toys in there. I kept all of my dead wife’s dildos to put into my ass when I jerked off. There were three different sizes. The smallest was a little metal dildo about the size of a magic marker. The next size up was a white one that everyone and her mother had. It is about the size of a average mans cock but not as thick. The last one is what my wife called Big Bubba. It was a big black rubber dildo about the size of a kielbasa. But still not as big as me. 

Not bragging or lying here but picture a two tubes of Jimmy Dean sausage end to end and you got me. Very long and very wide for any girl never mind my 10 year old daughter, Who has never had anything larger than my finger inside her. Well the remote took out her cherry but that was an accident and only went in 2 inches. 

I grabbed the smallest dildo from Sam and told Rose to suck on it, I said she is to suck on each one before I use them on Daisy and she is to get the entire dildo inside her mouth and throat or nobody is getting nothing. Everyone is gonna learn how to deep throat around here because that is the way guys like it. Of course Sammy agreed, with his fingers crossed hoping the twins could master the art of deep throat. Yeah like I would stop the sex play if they couldn’t. It is just good incentive. Plus Sam could already deep throat my entire cock and new he could get it any time he wanted. 

Rose had the whole tiny dildo in her mouth and I told her to hold one of her sister Daisy’s legs apart and Sammy the other one. So there was my kids all naked in my bed Daisy laying on her back with Rose on one side a dildo in her mouth holding her sister’s leg out and Sam with his jutting teenage 7 inch uncut cock in his hand holding her other leg out to the side. Daisy was in the splits with her little bald cunt totally exposed. 

I put 3 pillows under her tight little behind and laid down and started to lick her entire crotch. Everything was wide ass open to lick. I slathered her from asshole to her clitty. I grabbed the dildo out of Rose’s mouth and stuck it all the way into her little puffy cunt. I turned it on and Daisy went out of her mind. She was moaning and groaning like a woman in her prime. I handed the next size up dildo to Rose and told her to get the entire thing wet. She started licking it and I told her to suck on it, she is gonna need the practice if he is ever gonna please her Daddy and her brother. She gagged and choked the whole thing in until she got down to the ridges at the bottom were you turn it on. 

I kept working on Daisy’s little box all the while. Sam was pulling on his rod while pulling on Daisy’s right nipple. I pulled the little one out of Daisy and told Rose to give me the next one. I told Daisy to work the little one into Rose’s cunt. I eased the white dildo up into Daisy with hardly any problems but it only went in about 5 inches, when it hit her cervix. Daisy was really getting into it panting while fucking her twin with a little dildo. She asked me if I would pull on her pussy lips, and I said ok but she is to now start sucking her brothers cock. 

Sam pulled his skin back and started thrusting it into his little sister. I was working the medium dildo in and out or Daisy’s squishy cunt and grabbed a hold of one of her pussy lips and pulled on it. She moaned around her brother’s cock with what sounded like “harder harder.” So I obliged really pulling hard on her woman sized cunt lips. That is when I figured out that when I asked the twins if they did anything put pull on each others nipples in bed at night that they lied. They must have been pulling on each others labia also because they were kinda large for such tiny girls. I asked about it and they confirmed it and said they pinched and pulled on their clits too. 

For some reason just like their mother they liked to have their naughty bits pulled and abused. I pulled on their mother’s labia so much that they hung down about 3 inches from her outer lips. At this rate the twins lips would be quite stretched out by the time they reached their 20’s. 

I told Rose to get Big Bubba ready so Sammy handed it to her. And she proceeded to work it into her mouth. I was still fucking Daisy with the white dildo when it popped through her cervix and the whole thing went in. Excellent. It barely fazed her, then again it wasn’t that wide. Sammy said he is about to cum. So I spoke up and told Daisy not to swallow any of his sperm. 

Rose now had Big Bubba all the way down to the big base not intended for insertion. I was really kinda shocked. These girls are gonna work out just fine. Sam said, “Oh Dad, I’m ready to shoot what do you want me to do?” 

I said “Just cum in Daisy’s mouth not in her throat, and Daisy like I said don’t swallow keep it all it there. 

Sammy let loose with a “umph umph umph umph.” Noise. I got up to Daisy’s face and told her I’m gonna suck your brother’s cum out of your mouth now. I put my mouth on hers and got as much cum out of her mouth as I could, and saw Daisy swallow the rest. 

I took Big Bubba out of Rose’s mouth and deep throated it myself coating it with my son’s cum, getting it nice and lubed up. I took the white dildo out of Daisy’s tiny cunt and handed it to her, she knew what to do and took out the little one in Rose’s little beaver and slipped the medium one in. I took Big Bubba out of my throat, and put it at the entrance to Daisy’s little snatch. I pushed it in about 2 inches twisting and pushing. She gasped and said “Daddy it will never go I’m too little down there.” I told Rose and the now spent Sam to come down here and help me. 

I said, “Each of you grab a hold of one of Daisy’s cunt lips and pull them out to the sides. They both pinched her lips between the forefinger and thumb and pulled out, opening her wide to the world. 

Daisy said, “Daddy I think I can take a little more now.” 

I said, “That’s my sweet baby girl.” I eased a couple of more inches in, and Daisy sucked in a deep breath. I told her, “Breathe easy honey, it’s almost there.” But it wasn’t, there was about 6 inches to go. 

Sam said, “Dad I can’t believe she is so stretched out, look at her Rosie Posy.” 

Rose was looking already and exclaimed, “Oh my god Daddy she is gonna rip or something.” 

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