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Anna was distracted. Her books lay open but she couldn't keep her mind on what she was reading.She rubbed her stiffening nipples as the growing wetness of her pussy forced her to cross and uncross her sturdy young legs.

She was suppose to be reading Chaucer but, as usual, she was fantasizing about a long thick black cock. The dick wasn't attached to anyone in particular it just floated in her mind like a weird balloon.
It made her pussy tingle and her mouth water.

For weeks now she had had this compulsion for illicit anonymous sex with a black man. It often came while in class and she could hardly wait to get back to her dorm room and pull out her "Black Stud",a 9 inch dildo she had bought on easter break. In her room with the curtains drawn and the lights out she would imagine a black man taking her roughly and stuffing her with black dick. The dildo working in and out brought on an orgasm but it wasn't enough anymore. She wanted the real thing now and she decided to go get it. In her mind it was the only way she was going to stop thinking about it.

She ditched her classes and took a trolley to the old market district below the quays. It was a notoriously bad area and the College warned students never to go over there but thats where most of the kids went to buy X and weed.

At Pullman and Circle she entered a bar that she had heard was a good spot to score X. The man at the bar looked her over cautiously.
Anna showed him her ID and satisfied that she was of legal age the man
poured her what she asked for.

The rest of the denizens kept their eyes on her but seemed to lose their curiosity after a while and went back to drinking.
Anna prowled the bar with her eyes,mostly workmen at this time of the day in for a quick drink while still on the clock. In the back a pool table stood under a dingy light but nobody played, people came back and forth from there and Anna knew they must be buying drugs back there.
Suddenly a man's voice said "who's the cheerleader?".

Looking up she saw a couple of black guys in silk shirts flashing lots of gold. They smiled at her and tried to start conversation but Anna made them for pimps right away and pretended to use the ladies room to get away. She didn't want any trouble of that kind and sure enough one of their ladies came in off the street and started arguing loudly with one of them.
In the dimness of the back Anna could see a worn space that must have been a dance floor. A metallic pole stood in the center that must have been for strippers at one time. As she looked a voice startled her.

"You want X or weed...?" she looked into the shadows and saw a
tall slender figure hailing her from the corner of the room.She hesitated and then moved closer.
"Hurry up I ain't got all day" the man snarled getting impatient.
"Oh I'm just looking around" she mumbled weakly.
"Well look around some other time we doin business back here".

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Anna went to move away but the tall man grabbed her arm and embraced her."You wanna dance" he said roughly. She was taken completely by suprise. She pulled away when she felt his erection on her thigh.

"But there's no music" she said absently. He laughed and twirled her away from him and back again.It was so spontaneous and ridiculus that it made them both laugh. Anna could tell that he was high on something he just kept twirling her. She caught the pole and pulled herself away giggling.
For the first time she got a good look at the man. He was well over 6ft. and rugged looking. There was a scar on his left cheek
and a tooth was missing.His face scowled even though he was laughing.

Where she was from a guy like this she would have crossed the street to avoid.And so it was strange that she felt turned on by him.
His skin was dark brown and his eyes were coal black. He seemed to look through her.He was youngish,maybe 25 but looked older.
She could see from the length and size of his hands that he was very strong. Her pussy throbbed a bit as she became more at ease.

"Look" he said eyes dancing over her."I'm a little high. I just got out of jail.I was in for 2 months.And now I'm out here trying to make some money but what I really want to do is party with a nice girl huh?.I mean I can make money later but I just wanna relax right now can you dig that? I mean you made me laugh back there. And that was the first time I have laughed in 2 months." He looked at her for a moment and the scowl dissolved into a sexy smile."Come party with me".

Anna couldn't believe that she went with him around the corner to a dirty motel.His clothes and belongings were heaped up on one side of the room. An unmade bed was on the other wall and you could hear people getting high in the next room.If she was caught doing this she would be expelled and sent home in disgrace.The thought gave her a rush of adrenaline.

The door closed behind her and Anna's nipples stiffened as she felt his large hands on her back. He loosened his belt and turned her around. His big black cock bounced heavily in front of her.She grabbed it with both hands and sucked the fat head greedily. This is what she'd been fiending for. The kinky hairs around the cock scratched her face and stimulated her. She stuck her face into the bushy hairs which smelled of musty male sweat.She sucked for nearly 5 minutes as he moaned and groaned above her. She tried to deep throat it but it was impossible. He took out a pipe and smoked something stinky while she sucked.His head went back and his cock jumped in her mouth.She could place the smell now.It was crystal meth.He was ready to fuck in 2 seconds,she felt a rush from the whole thing.She was about to be fucked by an anonymous black cock.A meth head to boot. What would Sister Mary Magdalene have said back at St.Claras. She was being taken by the spirit of it all and she grabbed his ass and pulled him to the bed. A crooked mirror lay against the wall and she could see herself strip and straddle him on the edge of the bed.

His cock kept slipping out as she tried to center herself on it. Her 19 year old body was tight and full of sexual energy. He was hungry from his time in jail and thirsty for her young white pussy,he said as much as he impaled her on his stiff rod.He held her hips and drove himself deeply into her.The contrast of her white pink pussy being stuffed by his long black tool was fascinating to her and she looked at their movements in the mirror,it was getting her hot. They fucked for a long while. He bounced her on his dick slapping her ass and biting her nipples.With his large hands he spread her cheeks and
ground her down onto his erection.

Now he changed her position and she was reversed looking directly into the mirror as he slammed her from behind. His dick seemed harder as it plowed deeper. She could feel he was ready to go and it made her body tense up. Tight like a spring her pussy suddenly uncoiled as his dick spit thick hot seed at the mouth of her uterus.
She shuddered and came with a thunderclap orgasm all over and around his convulsing black cock. They lay back and let the warm feeling wash over them. He started to talk nasty saying that he wanted to fuck her in the ass but she was afraid to do it.

He smeared some pussy juice on his fingers and started to mix it with spit. He spit on her asshole and stuck his fingers in. She tightened but he told her to relax like she was taking a shit. It was hard but he got 2 fingers in her bung and soon he was trying to slide the head of his cock in. She thought it would kill her and begged him to slow down. He just kept telling her to relax. She could smell the penetration of her asshole now and knew he was getting close. It was agony for about 5 seconds then it felt great. She lifted her legs as he layed it into her from the spoon position. The nerve endings of her asshole were awakened with each thrust.It felt so good she didn't want him to stop but his orgasm had already started he shot a glob of hot cum into her rectum and afterwards she sucked his cock which tasted like ass and cum. 

For hours they used each other in everyway and finally exhausted Anna slipped away caught a bus back to the campus and as she returned to her dorm room her body still vibrating with pleasure she was able to concentrate on something other than black dick.

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