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Co Worker

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My name is Mike and I am 36 years old, 6’2”, and brown hair with green eyes. I am a school teacher in a small town. I have a couple of classroom aids that help out from time to time. One of the ladies is a mother of three kids. Her name is Becky and she has long black hair she stands 5’9” tall with brown eyes. She is very unassuming in her looks and is married to a man that does not appreciate her. She wears glasses and is a little over weight. Becky has large breast and a pleasant personality.

One day she comes in and is not her cheerful self, sort of distant lost in thought that was not real pleasant. Later when we had a moment I asked her if she was ok. She stated that her husband had been chatting with some woman online. Becky stated that he does it in front of her and states he plans on going to meet her. I told her he was a pig and if he felt that way she should make him jealous by doing the same thing. She ask if I really thought she should. I said yes, I helped her set up a free email account and told her to email me at mine and we could send emails back and forth. I told her to leave some of them so he could see them to make him stop and think about what he is doing. 

So we did this for several weeks and it did not seem to phase him. He told her that he was going to Dallas to meet this woman at the end of the week. Becky came to work up set about this. I ask her why he wants to do this so badly. She told me that he feels he has missed out because she is the only woman he had ever been with. I ask was the same for her with a little devilish grin. She blushed and nodded yes. Told her to tell him when she got home that she can do the same thing if he goes off. The next day she came and told me that he said she was to ugly and no one would want to be with her any way. I told the hell with him she needs to experience life. She smiled and said that she did not know anyone that would want to be with her. I had to leave for a meeting but as I walked out of the room I leaned down and told her in her ear that I would. As I walked out the door I glanced back and her face had turned bright red from blushing. 

Later that afternoon I got back she had just sent the students home for the day. I told her to come to my office and have a talk. She was wearing a knee length dress that hid her features. I shut the door behind her and told her it was time for her education to start. She looked at me with a tilted head and a confused look on her face. I walked up to her and removed her glasses. I told that was better I can see her beautiful eyes. I told her that she need not look away, you are a lovely woman and have a lot to offer anyone man enough to handle it. She smiled and said you’re to kind. I stepped closer to her and took her hands in mine; I could tell she was nervous. I said if she wants me to stop all she was to do is say so. She smiled and I could see her relax a little more. 

I step in closer so that we were just inches away from each other. Becky look up into my eyes and I gently held her face in my hands she closed her eyes and I moved in slowly until our lips met. She jumped a little like she had been shocked. At frist her lips where tense, as I held her closer and applied a little more pressure she relaxed and slowly melted into my arms. Her lips slowly parted and my tongue made its way into her mouth. She inhaled deeply and met my tongue with hers. We kiss deeply and slow at first. As we continued our breathing started to increase and could tell she was completely into the moment now. I moved my hand up and down her back. I moved my hand more to her side and grazed the side of her breast with the palm of my hand. She jumped and moaned at the same time. 

We broke the deep kiss and as she caught her breath she ask me to be gentle and reminded me I am the first man other than her husband to touch her. I told her I would take good care of her. I move back in and kissed her again. She gave no resistance as I took her breast in my hand and gently messaged it. I could feel her nipple start getting hard through her bra and top. I continued to run my hand down her side to her hip. I slide it around and took her butt cheek in my hand and squeezed it. It was firm with a little cushion. I started to pull her dress up little by little while I kissed her passionately. I finally got to the end of the fabric and could feel here soft cotton panties under my fingers. I slide a finger under the leg band and trace my way around her hip to her inner thigh. Her breathing became more labored and quickened in rhythm as my finger approached her vagina. I could feel the cotton fabric of her crotch was getting very moist. I moved my hand and dropped her dress back down. I reached up and unbuttoned her top exposing her white floral printed bra. 

I could see the out line of her nipples through the fabric. I reached back and unhooked her bra. As I removed it her beautiful breast came into view. They were large and milky white toped with two large, very dark nipples. They grew even harder under my gaze. I took each one in my mouth in turn flicking them with my tongue. Becky moaned loudly as I sucked them and licked them. I continued to kiss my way down her belly, as I approached her panties I could smell her musky excitement building between her legs. I pulled them and her skirt down to the ground in one movement. Her pussy was covered in dark black hair the hide the outline of her lips. I had her lay back on my desk and I spread her legs wide open. The aroma that came up from her glistening pussy was intoxicating. My cock surged against my pants trying to get out. I kiss my way down the inside of her smooth milky thighs. She ask in a trembling voice what are you going to do and gasped as my tongue slide between her thick lips and she exclaimed oh I see. 

My tongue slides so smoothly along her opening to her very hard clit. I took her clit into my mouth and suck it while flicking it with my tongue. It did not take long before she was flooding my mouth with her juices. I stood up between her legs and she sat up. She reached down and took my cock in hand and she smiled. I am going to enjoy this squeezing it tightly. She unzipped my pants and opened the button letting my pants fall to the floor. She pulls my underwear down and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I had her lay back and guided the tip of my head to her very wet hole. She felt tight as her pussy gave way to my cock as it slide in to her. She moaned deeply as I pushed in to my balls. I start thrusting harder and faster and she met each thrust with her own. I fucked her pussy hard making the desk move. She was moaning and saying yesss that’s it. Right there, keep hitting that spot. 

Her breathing was fast as she locked up letting out a squeal and then oooohh god I am cumming. Her pussy locked up tight making me send my massive load deep into her. I stood there until I got soft and slide out of her. I stream of cum ran down her ass onto the desk. We collected our selves and she told me that was the most she had ever enjoyed sex. We had many other exploits as the year went on. But that is another story.

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