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Cindy Helps Her Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My mom is such a bitch. My daddy, the sweetest, handsomest man I’ve ever known, worked his ass off running his own construction company, feeding us, putting a roof over our heads, everything he was suppose to do. But that wasn’t enough for Mom. She spread her legs for every rich man in sight, and eventually hooked one. She left a brief note on the refrigerator. Daddy and I never saw her again. 

I was glad the cunt was gone, but my father was heartbroken. He moped around for months. The obvious cure was diversion, something to get his mind off of his troubles, and I knew the best thing for him would be getting laid. I considered a couple of my older friends, but then came to my senses. I knew I was only 17, jailbait and all, but if anyone was going to cheer up my sexy dad with her pussy, it was going to be me. 

Once I decided that I was going to seduce my father, the rest seemed to come easily. That night, after Daddy said his goodnights, I went into my room, and changed into a short little nightshirt. Underneath, I was totally naked. Then I went to Daddy’s door and knocked. 

He told me to enter. When I walked in, my father was sitting up in bed, his legs covered by a sheet. I sat down on the mattress, and then eased my head into his lap.
“Daddy” I pouted, “I’m so worried about you. I want you to be happy again. Isn’t there anything I can do?’ 

He softly kissed my forehead, but even more exciting, I could feel his cock stirring under my head. 

“No pumpkin,” Daddy said “I really wish there was, but… but, no.” 

“That’s not true. Don’t you miss sex? Wouldn’t that make you feel better?” 

My father blushed and chuckled at the same time, and his cock was now fully erect. I turned my head a little, letting it rub my check. 

“Sweetheart, maybe you should go to bed…” 

“Daddy, did you know I’m still a virgin? A few boys have tried to get in my panties, but I didn’t let them. I’m waiting for a real man to teach me all about sex, not some stupid boy.” 

“And I suppose you had someone in mind?” 

“Well, if you and I have sex, we’d both be getting what we want.” 

“Cindy, you’re talking about incest.” 

“I know Daddy. That’s what turns me on the most about my idea.” 

I pulled my legs onto the bed, and my nightshirt rode up my thighs, exposing my naked pussy. At the same time, I was blatantly grinding my face into my father enormous erection

“Besides,” I said, “you’re not forcing me… I want to do it with you so bad!” 

“Oh God, Cindy…” 

“Don’t you like my little pussy Daddy?” 


“Touch it Daddy. Feel my slit; it’s all wet and gooey because of you. You can kiss it and fuck it, anything you want.” 

I reached under the sheet, happy to find my father’s stiffie was naked and ready for stroking. I teased down the sheet, and his sweet smelling throbber popped right into my face. 

“I want to suck your cock, Daddy. Please, can I?” 

“No sweetie… no…” 

I was a bad little girl, and disobeyed my father’s instructions. My tongue slithered out over my pink lips for my first taste of hot, sticky incest. Just as I suspected, once Daddy felt the warmth of his young daughter’s wet oral muscle wrapped lovingly around his lonely pole, all his resistance crumbled away. 

“Oh God, yes, baby… suck on Daddy’s cock!” 

I plunged into my first blow-job with compete abandon, releasing my father’s penis from my mouth only long enough to pull the nightshirt over my head. My 14-year-old naked body squirmed all over the bed as Daddy’s saliva-covered prick slid effortlessly in and out of my mouth. He encouraged me, and gave me little pointers, but for the most part, I took to cock sucking instinctively, naturally. I loved the taste of his warm meat as my tongue ran over every crevice and ridge, the tang of his clear man-honey, and the sweet-n-sour sex-sweat that glistened on his swollen balls as I took them past my soft lips one at a time. 

Daddy fingered my burning girlie-hole, tweaking his thumb gently, deliciously, over my clitty. I was so horny and hot, my virgin cunny was literally drooling quim all over his hand. He brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting his daughter’s sex. I wanted a taste of my own, increasing the rate at which Daddy’s hot dick fucked my face. I didn’t have to wait long. 

“Oooooh mmmmmm… Daddy’s cumming sweetheart!” 

Thick hot ropes of my father’s cream shot onto my dancing tongue. His cum was so good; I wanted to swallow every drop he had to offer me. Wad after wad filled my cheeks, and in the end, some dribbled out from my lips and down my chin. I licked clean each dollop I missed, then nursed lovingly at my father’s softening cock long after his climax. 

“Did I do it good Daddy? Did you like it?” 

“Very much sweetie. I’m so proud of you. I guess I have to start looking at you as a woman, and not a little girl.” 

“But I like being your little girl too. A naughty little girl who wants to fuck and suck her Daddy.” 

“First, Daddy gets to eat your little pussy.” 

“Oh yes Daddy, please!” 

I brought my knees up, spreading my slim thighs as wide as I could. I ran my fingers through Daddy’s soft gray-streaked hair as my silky thighs caressed his face. He explored every inch of my hairless crotch with his talented tongue, sipping at my teenage honey. 

Daddy smiled up at me, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. I thought sex with my own daughter would only be a fantasy.”” 

“Me too, Daddy. But the real thing is so much better.” 

My father’s face buried into my slit. He sucked my clitoris softly into his mouth, vibrating his tongue over the sensitive nub. My head was spinning around, distantly aware I was moaning loudly over my sporadic breathing. Daddy expertly frenched my young snizz, as one climax after another shuddered deep within my naked body. I wanted more. I wanted it all. 

fuck me daddy. Fuck me now… take my cherry. Take your daughter the way you always wanted.” 

My father rose to his knees, positioned between my spread legs. He took hold of my right thigh, and guided my leg until my foot was resting on his shoulder. Holding his engorged meat at the base, he rubbed the trembling head all over my juicy cunt until it glistened with my goo. 

We both moaned low and long as his cock began to penetrate my virgin hole. His fact prick stretched the young folds of my pussy, and I have to admit, it really hurt at first. He gradually eased his length inside me until he was buried to the hilt. He stayed still for a while, simply allowing the walls of my vagina time to adjust to the girth of his manhood. At the same time, he thrummed my clitty and stroked my tits. The pain started to fade and the lust began to grow. 

Slowly, Daddy began to fuck me. He gyrated his hips, and we both watched in wonder as his cock leisurely pumped in and out of my teenaged cooze. All the pain was gone, and in its place, a heated glowing of sexual bliss. Soon, My slit was devouring his shaft with well-oiled ease. I rocked on the mattress to the rhythm of my Daddy’s deep fuck-strokes, my titties wobbling haphazardly. 

I was dizzy with lust. Never in my life had I ever felt anything quite as incredible as my own father fucking me deep and hard. Multiple orgasms washed over me as Daddy kept the pace. 

“You’re fucking me Daddy! You’re fucking me so good!” 

“Oh God, Cindy… your pussy’s so tight… so good! Daddy loves fucking you! My little girl fucks so good!” 

Daddy lasted a long time, and I took it all with pleasure. He flipped me over and stuck his cock inside me doggie-style. I bit the pillow as two more climaxes vibrated in my belly. I felt my cunt muscles contracting as I came, and this must have set my father off. 

“Cumming baby! Daddy’s cumming in your little pussy!” 

My father’s warm thick semen filled my insides, flooding my womb, sending me over the edge one more time. We collapsed in each other’s arms, trying to catch our breath, relishing the afterglow of our incestuous love. 

“Feel better now, Daddy?” 

Daddy kissed me on the mouth, long, hot, wet. “Your mother’s leaving was obviously the best thing that could have ever happened to me!”

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