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Caressing Caitlyn

(Part 3 from 4)

Her hands roamed over her body, cupping her breasts. “You can, you know. You don’t have to ask permission for every little thing.” Even in the dark he could see the seriousness of her expression. Hell, it pierced his heart.
“Are you—“ Two fingers pressed against his mouth.
Caitlyn sighed. “You don’t have to ask. I’m not helpless, I’m new to this. Just play. Please?” Her lips turned upwards in a pout that tugged at the throbbing in his cock.
Alex nodded. Pulling back the covers, he looked up and down the line of her body. Eyeing her in just the blue and purple nightie and boy short panties made his mouth water. Leaning into her, their lips touched. Softly at first, then he applied more pressure, deepening the kiss.
Caitlyn opened her mouth receptively, sliding her arms beneath his body while she shifted her weight for comfort.

Alex tasted her, the sweetness from beer he’d had earlier mixed with ripe fruit and luscious woman. Hints of cinnamon from her teas earlier lingered on his tongue. He quickly slid his tongue into her mouth to explore each and every fold of her.
She opened her mouth wider for him, giving him easier access. Her hands wrapped around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair. She gave him a light tug and laughed when he nipped her chin.
Alex worked his way down her body, kissing and licking her neck.
She moved beneath him, straightening her legs.

Positioning himself over her, he looked down at her body. Nimble fingers went to the buttons on the nightie, undoing them one at a time while exposing flesh.
“Goddess you’re beautiful, Caitlyn.” He lowered his mouth to her bared body and kissed his way down, inhaling the scent of her skin.
A moan escaped Caitlyn’s lips while her hands continued roaming over the curve of his spine and upwards into his hair. Nails dragged lightly down his back.
Alex arched into her, pressing his body into hers while his cock throbbed harder. He knew in a moment he’d be oozing precum. Undoing another button exposed firm round breasts. Laving at one nipple, Alex pulled the tight bud into his mouth and began suckling her.
Caitlyn pressed her body against his even more.

Her skin was warm despite the shivers that ran through her from exposure to the cold air. They’d gone to sleep without the heater on because Alex promised that his body heat could keep her warm.
And it did until he felt her pull away from him. That gesture woke him.
But now he intended to keep her much warmer than he had earlier. Dragging his tongue from one breast to the valley and back under the other breast made her giggle.
He looked over her mounds and smiled. “You like that?”
Caitlyn’s skin flushed. “Sure.”
“I’ll make sure you only enjoy me doing it.” He nipped her belly and was rewarded with another series of giggles while hands fumbled with his head.

Caitlyn’s breath caught in her throat. Her blush grew brighter, highlighting the expression on her face. “That you will, I’ve no doubt.” She lifted herself up on her elbows watching him work his way down her body.
Fingers slid over the tops of her panties. “I love these,” he murmured and kissed her belly.
She arched upwards into his mouth.
Hands spread over her flat stomach and roamed upwards to cup her breasts. Fingers rolled her taut nipples between thumb and forefinger.
Caitlyn’s breath hitched.

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Dragging his tongue lower, Alex slid farther down the line of her body until his chin rested between her thighs and he stared at her pussy. “I want to taste you,” he declared.
Opening her legs for him, Caitlyn sat up straighter. “Please,” she begged.
Tugging the waistband of her panties down, Alex peeled the lace material down her legs until he’d taken them off completely. “Lean back, baby.”
Caitlyn nodded and edged herself towards him so that she could lie down on the bed.
Kicking the covers back, Alex knelt down. Kissing the tops of her thighs first, he moved upwards slowly until he met the part where hip and thigh joined. Licking the crease in her skin earned him another giggle.
He licked a trail of fire up her stomach and slid his tongue around her belly button.
“Weird,” she balled her fists up.
“Isn’t it though?” He grinned and continued kissing his way lower, lower still until his mouth hovered over her pussy. She was shaved clean, smooth skin and perfect lips that were moist with her own perfumed scent. “Beg me?” His gentle tone was commanding even to his own ears.
“Please,” her voice sounded strained but certain. “Please taste me. Lick me.”

Alex nodded. Dipping his head between her thighs, he tasted her. sweet and salty with feminine musk that reminded him of her Latin heritage made his body harder. She was velvety soft and slick, definitely just what his cock needed.
Caitlyn’s breath hitched in her throat, her fists gripped the sheets.
He looked at her, just over the tops of her puckered nipples and saw her eyes closed. “Watch me.” It was a command.
Caitlyn opened her eyes and looked at him. Her mouth hung open in amazement
His tongue pressed against her outer lips.
She moaned.
He nipped lightly at her pussy lips with his mouth at first, tugging lightly to pry a small cry from her.
Her groan grew louder though she stiffened her legs beneath him.

good girl. I love how you taste.” Pressing his entire mouth over her pussy, Alex inserted his tongue deep within her slick folds. Exploring, tasting her juices, he found her clit and pressed his tongue flat against it.
She cried out, yanking at the sheets.
He lifted his head to see her head thrown back against the wooden headboard of the bed. “Feel good?”
“Oh Goddess yes!” Her eyes narrowed.
Alex licked his bottom lip and nodded. “Glad. Here’s the second round.” Alex thrust his tongue deep inside her, then pulled back. Using two fingers, he slid inside, feeling her heat wrap around him. Pushing his tongue against her clit, he flicked the nub several times with just the tip of his tongue while working her with his fingers.
Caitlyn wasn’t prepared for his tongue or his fingers. Her entire being tensed up beneath him.
Alex continued finger fucking her while his tongue lapped at her swollen nub.
After a moment of this, Caitlyn threw her head back and shouted his name.

Her juices coated his tongue and fingers. Alex continued his pace, pushing into her gently while curling his middle and pointer finger upwards to catch the delicate ridges on the inside of her pussy.
Caitlyn writhed about, clamping her legs around his body and head while still shaking beneath him.
Alex finally stopped and looked at her. Rearranging how he sat so that he faced her, he looked down at her. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath, fingers opened and body lay there lip like a noodle. “Goddess you’re beautiful when you do that.”
He pressed two wet fingers against her mouth. “Orgasm, baby.”
She let her head loll to one side. “Oh wow.”
“I’m not your first obviously, but no other guy bothered to care about giving you this moment?” Alex moved strands of hair from his face.
She shook her head. “Never. Most guys I’ve been with wanted one thing only.”
“Those guys are assholes. And if I could, I’d kill them.”
“Don’t ruin the moment, my baby.” Her breathing had slowed finally.
She was right. “I’m sorry. I forgot. Not a fan of my temper or violent streak.”
Caitlyn smirked. “No. But that thing you did with your tongue, you can do anytime.”
“I’ll make a habit of it. Promise.”
A wicked grin crossed her lips. “Good. Now fuck me.”

Alex’s cock was still painfully hard. He’d enjoyed eating her pussy, his own body breaking out in a sweat while she struggled with release. But he needed to fill her and give her another orgasm before he took his. Still, overwhelming lust consumed him and he had to fight with his inner demons not to take her hard and fast.
“I plan to. But first,” he lowered his head over her belly and placed a gentle kisses up her body until he’d reached her breasts.
Her hands went to his sides, smoothing down the skin until she’d shoved his boxers down. “I want you in me,” she demanded.
His cock was caught halfway between his stomach and the waistband of his boxers. “Patience, pet.” He didn’t want to have patience. Alex didn’t want to do anything other than shove his dick inside her warm cunt until he filled her balls deep and full of cum.
But he had to wait. Had to take things slowly, at least this time.

Her hands felt hot against his skin, pushing his boxers down further. “In me, please?” She begged, her voice filled with desire and need.
Alex started to lift himself off her and away to return kissing her but she gripped his cock with one hand.
His heart and head were on the same page here. His dick didn’t quite agree. It pulsed in her hands. “You’re teasing me and playing with fire, Caitlyn.”
“Don’t treat me like a little girl. I’m eleven years younger but age is a number. And I want you in me.” She was demanding now. Her eyes narrowed, flames of lust could be seen dancing in those silver irises even in the darkness.
Alex had one last barrier to fucking her. “No condom?”
“I trust you.”
“My baby.” Thrusting into her hand, he felt the sensations ride up his spine and back down again, sure that her pussy was going to rock him to the core.
She tugged him closer, pulling him into her.

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