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Cabin Fever

(Part 1 from 3)

Hi. I’m Michael. I live in Silver Springs, Idaho with my wife Janet. We have two grown children, Marcus and Becky. I have never imagined I would be telling anyone this story. My wife doesn’t even know about this but I have a need to get it off my chest. You see, Becky and I have a sexual relationship. She’s now married and has a family of her own, but that hasn’t stopped us from fooling around.

Having sex with my daughter was nothing that I ever fantasized, at least that I could remember. Shit, she was only 15. It started on the car ride to our vacation cabin in eastern Montana. It’s a 13-hour drive from our home on the Idaho panhandle, which requires a couple of rest stop and gas station breaks. Usually, my wife and children swap seats after the breaks so they all get a turn enjoying the more comfortable front passenger seat while I drive the entire way.

As we entered the home stretch I stopped at the last service station to fill up. My family got out of the car to enjoy a couple of minutes of fresh air. We all pilled into the car with Becky happily jumping into the front seat with me. Her excitement could not be contained. She had waited all these hours to get her chance to get comfortable. She also didn’t want to have to deal with her older brother teasing her.

Her excitement didn’t last for too long as she quickly became tired. We had been on the road for 11 hours and the family and I were starting to feel it. My wife and Marcus were already asleep when Becky apologized for being a lousy co-pilot as she rearranged herself so that her head lay on my right thigh and began falling asleep. What a beautiful picture, so sweet and innocent. My daughter was growing into a woman, I thought to myself as I reached out a stroke her blonde hair.

Just then, she once again rearranged herself in the middle of her sleep so that she placed her right hand under her head and directly on my thigh, as is if she was using it as a pillow. My wife always signals to me that she is ready for bed and sex by placing her hand on my thigh and giving it a squeeze. Now my daughter was inadvertently doing the same thing! My penis knows this signal too well, and without any self-control it began to throb and expand. The warmth of her breath on my thigh was not helping me either as my penis began to snake its way to the source of hot air.

A million thoughts filled my head. I suddenly had a difficult time focusing on the road. Why couldn’t I stop myself from throwing a serious hard-on with my daughter on my thigh? I convinced myself that it was just a reaction to the body contact that was making me feel this way and not any perverted sexual fantasies. We were just an hour away from the cabin and everything would be just fine. Well that is what I thought until she once again moved in her sleep. This time, her hand slip down over my thigh even more so that her hand cusped the engorged head of my penis. It took all of my will not to run the car off the road. And again my penis betrayed me as it made its way all the way up to her face. Never had I wished I had been wearing some jeans instead of the loose fitting khakis I was sporting. The light fabric not only allowed my penis to roam as it willed but it also did nothing to soak up the waterfall of pre-cum that began to gush out of it. I could feel my penis do a tap dance on the cheek of my innocent daughter as she slept. I could hardly breathe and began to panic. I kept looking in the backseat to see if Janet or Marcus were awake and then back to down to my daughter. I prayed that they would not awake to see this happening.

Becky continued to stir in her sleep. This time, with her hand already on my penis, she squeezed it and let out a deep moan. I panicked again! Was she awake? Was she enjoying this? I could not see if she was awake as she was facing the dashboard. I almost unloaded in my pants with that thought. The thought of her enjoying this was turning me on!

Knowing the gravel road that leads to our property was filled with potholes and would awaken the group, I removed Becky’s grasp from my penis before they would awake. I quickly rearranged my penis so that it went up the inside of my right thigh as the front right wheel hit the first pothole and jolt everyone awake. When Becky lifted her head there was a huge wet spot of pre-cum where once the head of my penis laid. She turned and looked down at my thigh. I looked at her and could see my pre-cum glistening on her left cheek and the crack of her lips. Oh shit! What was I going to say to get myself out of this? Nothing.

Becky looked right into my eyes and said, “Daddy, I’m sorry I fell asleep and slobbered on your leg,” as she wiped of my pre-cum from her rosy cheek. Boy, that was a good one, I thought. She continued to wipe her cheek and I swear I saw her lick the corner of her mouth and tasted my pre-cum from her lips.

Everyone began to unload the car. I pretended to collect things out of the front seat but I was really trying to gain my composure and let my penis deflate. Ever since my freshman year of high school I’ve learned to hide the fact that I have an erection or the whole world would know. I’m pretty endowed, both with girth and length, and it’s pretty hard to hide it. So I continued to collect my things and wait for the torpedo to subside. As I stood to get out of the car I could feel all the pre-cum that was once on my thigh start to ooze down my leg. The thought that I was so close to shooting my load only made my cock hard again. I quickly ran into the cabin and into our bedroom to change before unpacking the rest of the car.

My wife and daughter prepared dinner. Over dinner the kids talked about what they had planned for this vacation. I stared intently at Becky, looking at her in a whole new light She was becoming a woman and I had not even noticed. Just then Janet gave me “the squeeze” and I almost jumped out of the chair in panic! Did Janet see something? Did I just give my lust away? Wait, I have nothing to panic about, it was just physical contact that made this all happen, I convinced myself. Janet and I quickly dismissed ourselves telling the kids we were turning in and not to stay up too late.

Janet and I quickly undressed and in no time I was pounding away at her pussy. We’ve been married for 18 years and never once has she been able to take all of me. I thought after Marcus was born her pussy would loosen up enough for me to do some deep fucking like I’ve always wanted. But that was not the case, neither was it after Becky was born two years later. I resigned myself never having my cock completely stuffed in her. As I began fucking Janet, my thoughts drifted to Becky and the near blowjob I received in the car. I began fantasizing about her unzipping my pants to let my snake free and her kissing and sucking on the head trying to get as much of the head in her mouth as she could. Then I imagined me erupting into her hot mouth, spewing all my seed down her throat. In reality, I was fucking my wife and shoot my load up her pussy.

My wife could tell I was the not same. “Honey, you’ve never fucked me like that before. That was incredible,” as she subsided from her orgasms.

That would be the only sex I would have with her for the rest of the week. Janet did it only when she wanted it – this was a cause of many fights throughout our marriage. Her argument was that she didn’t need it as much as I did nor did she want to get fucked by pole every night. Her pussy needed time to recoup she would always say. I probably jack off more times than Marcus does because of this! Certainly with my thoughts on Becky, my solo activity would increase in production.

The next day my life changed forever…

Janet took Marcus into town to go and play ice hockey with his buddies while she went to visit friends in the nearby town leaving Becky and me to fend for our self. Janet’s family has been vacationing in this area since she was a little girl, so we have many friends in the area. Becky spent most of the time catching up on her romance novel she had been reading. I went out and chopped some wood. It had gotten bitterly cold that day and I wanted to make sure we were prepared for the night.

As anyone from Montana will tell you, the November weather changes with the wind, pretty quickly. A storm had gathered around us and in no time it began to snow. It was just not any snow, as heavy wet flakes hit the ground. I wondered about Janet and Marcus as the snow started to accumulate even more. I reached for the phone only to have it ring before I picked it up. It was Janet. She told me she and Marcus were going to stay the night at her friend’s house for the night as the roads were too dangerous to travel. The storm had hit there first before moving to us. She would call in the morning before heading out.

I built a nice fire as Becky prepared dinner. It was going to be the two of us for the night. Becky kept to herself after dinner and turned in early. I stayed up to listen to the forecast and watch the dying fire. I turned in about an hour later. As I drifted off to sleep I began dreaming about making love to a young blonde girl with perky breasts and a tight pussy that would accommodate me fully. I had been dreaming about this girl for a couple of months now. I often jack off to this image.

I was suddenly awakened by the weight of the bed changing. I looked over to the other side to see Becky crawling in underneath the covers. My cock was throbbing already from the dream I was having so to have her crawl into bed with me didn’t help! She explained that her room was really cold and mine was much warmer. I was hoping that she would stay on her side of the bed as I was completely naked with an incredible erection.

We both floated back to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I began to have that dream again. The young blonde girl without a face was back and I was fucking her for all she was worth. We were lying on our side as my cock was stretching her hole. She was screaming for me to shove more of my thick penis into her. She could take it she said. As I shoved more of me into her I reached around to pinch her nipples and nibble on her neck. We continued like this until I unloaded into her convulsing pussy. This felt so real and I could actually feel the tickles of pussy hair on my shaft, and my balls, they were churning and dumping my seed. Wow, I am having a serious wet dream, I thought to myself. Shit! I can’t have one while my daughter’s in bed with me. I shook myself awake only to find myself wrapped around Becky and hearing her tell me “It’s so big Daddy, and you cum a lot too!” I jumped in a panic, un-lodging my cock from between her naked thighs. I tossed the covers back to see the damage that I had done.

I turned the light on, hoping not to find a bloodied virgin mess. Instead, I found my beautiful naked blonde daughter sitting in a pool my cum as it drained from her thighs. “I…I’m so sorry honey,” I began to stutter. “I was having a dream and I thought you were your mom,” I pleaded. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I begged. She sat there in silence, glazed over. I followed her eyes down to where she was staring – she was fixated on my cock. I fell back onto the bed in a daze. This isn’t happening, I tried to convince myself.

“No, Daddy. You didn’t. Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve wanted to do that with you for months,” she said as reached over and gave me a hug. “Will you make love to me Daddy? I want you to and this is the time and place to do it,” she explained. “When we were driving over here, I felt your cock on my hand and I knew my plan would work,” she confessed. A plan?

“You planned this the whole time?” I quizzed her. “Does your mother or brother know about this?” I continued. She shook her head no.

“So let’s do it and keep it our secret,” she jumped. “I swear I won’t tell anyone. I love you Daddy.”

I turned around and looked at Becky as a woman for the first time. Her breasts weren’t fully developed but they were certainly something to desire. Her nipples were big and erect. My eyes traveled down to her waist. She was so petite and fragile looking. A small patch of blonde pubic hair covered her pelvis and pussy. My mouth began to water and I wanted to taste her so badly. I knew then that the girl I was dreaming about was she.

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