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Bobby and Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

Bobby went upstairs heading for his motherís room. Half an hour ago he had seen her take several sleeping pills. He opened the door. He saw his mother Cindy lying on the bed fast asleep. Bobby came closer and sat down on the bed turning on the bedside lamp. He had been planning for this day for almost a week. He touched his mother to see if the pills had done their job. Cindy didnít react and Bobby tried again.

Soon he was sure that his mother was not going to wake up. He carefully pulled the covers of her. Cindy was lying on her belly with a bra and panties on her. Bobbyís heart was rushing. Carefully he unbuttoned her bra. He paused a bit and then putting his hand on his motherís shoulder slowly turned her around. She didnít wake up and just let out a slight sigh. Bobbyís dick hardened as he looked at his motherís bare breasts.

Cindy was truly beautiful. Bobby looked at her for some time and then touched her naked breasts. He moved his hand over them, then he touched the little red tits. They felt like little cherries.

Bobby had dreamt about his mother for a long time. Now she was there in front of him sound asleep. Bobby played with his motherís breasts for a while and then he looked down at her panties. His heart rushed as he thought of the treasure beneath them. Slowly he took hold of the panties on both sides and started pulling them down.

His mother made a slight sound and went on sleeping. Bobby went on and took the panties off her. Cindy had shaved her pussy and Bobby looked down with his dick hard as stone. With the same care as before he then moved his motherís legs apart. He could clearly see her slit. He put his hand to the soft pink tissue. It was warm and a little wet of sweat.

Bobby put his palm on her pussy and gave it a light squeeze. Cindy moaned but didnít wake up; she was probably having an erotic dream. Bobby got up and moved between her legs. He lay down on his belly and moved closer. He could now see his motherís little hairy asshole. He moved even closer so his face was quite near her pussy. Bobby then lightly kissed it. His mother made a slight sound. He took his tongue out and touched Cindyís slit. He then went on licking a bigger area.

His mother gave a moan and jerked slightly. He wanted to lick her further but she suddenly moved her hand. Frightened Bobby moved away, but Cindy moved her hand towards her pussy. In a moment she started masturbating. Suddenly a wild thought passed through his mind. His mother was obviously having a wild dream. Bobby unzipped his pants and grasped his dick. But suddenly a thought passed through his mind.

He moved to his motherís face and let his dick rest down on it. He moved it over her lips and soon Cindy felt the warm flesh. Still in her dream she opened her mouth and Bobby let his dick slide in. He moved closer and Cindy felt the dick in her mouth. At first she simply played with it in her mouth but as her orgasm came closer she started sucking.

Bobby carefully held his dick in position a little worried but overwhelmed. Soon he felt his orgasm coming. He tried to hold it for a while but his balls gave way. Bobby raised himself a bit and filled his motherís mouth with hot cum. At the same time Cindyís orgasm came. She calmed down and quietly swallowed; she gave a slight sigh and smiled. Bobby sat there looking at his mother.

Bobby whipped his dick with his hand. He touched Cindyís tits and some of the cum got on them. He then got up, put on his pants. He sat down near his mother and with the same care as before dressed her up. Bobby pulled up the covers and got up. He gave his mother a last look and went out with a delightful feeling. Cindy lay there fast asleep. She had just given her son a blowjob and she would never know.

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