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Best Friend's Sleeping Wife

(Part 1 from 1)

This all happened a few years ago when I visited my long time friends Todd (27) & Joanne (24). A Married couple for 3 years. 

I went to visit them and they asked if I could stay for a week. Although it was an one bedroom apartment we all managed to stay there. I was given their bed while they slept on the floor in the living room. Todd is a big fat oke and not very sexy at all. Joanne on the other hand is on stunning babe with a slender waist. Green eyes, brown hair and a pair of 32B titties. Just perfect. 

On the first night we stayed up late and watched some movies. While we were watching they lay down on the floor on some blankets right in front of the TV. I sat behind them on the couch. I am used to stay up late so the movie ended and they were already asleep so I decided to stay watching some ESPN. While watching I noticed that Joanne was not wearing a bra and I could clearly see her nipples trough her payamas. They were erect and hard. Furher down I could see her wearing a tight pair of boxer shorts and panty. I got aroused as she turned around a gave me a glimpse of her perfectly shaped ass. With them still sleeping I masturbated while watching her. I know she sleep very hard and it takes much to wake her up and Todd is depressed so I know he takes sleeping pills every night. 

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I leave it at that until the following evening. 

Again we watched movies and they fell asleep. From where I was sitting it was about 20 cm from my feet to them so I started touching her hair and face. Sliding my fingers through her hair and over her lips and nose. She was wearing a loose Tshirt with her hands folded over her chest. I slowly took her hands and lifted them from her chest and slowly putting them down next to her. I lifted her tshirt and saw her boobs. They were much smaller that I thought but I still rolled my fingers over them playing with her nipples. I moved down to her stomach which was firm. I slowly lifted her shorts and panties and saw that she was shaven clean. She lay with her legs closed so I knelt down and ran my hand over her thighs and legs. I always had a fetish for sucking a woman's toes so I knelt down and put her big toe in my mouth, sucking, licking it slowly. I saw that she had the most sexy feet and loosened my shorts and pushed my dick into them. Thrusting slightly until a thin line of sperm could be seen running down her feet. Suddenly she moved and I jumped up into the kitchen only to look around the corner and see her turned onto her stomach with her legs spread slightly. I made sure she was asleep and then pulled her shorts back slowly to reveal one stunning bit of ass cleavage.

\ licked her cleavage and almost felt I had to have her right there. I let go of her shorts and stuck my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy through her clothes. I slowly snuck my fingers under the back of her shorts between her legs and found her pussy. Wet, I licked it off my finger and started to rub her. Her husband moved and again i jumped up only to return later to see her on her side again. This time I wanted her clit. I slowly snuck my finger down her front of her shorts and found her clit to be hard and wet. I stroked it a couple of times until I felt ready to explode in my pants. I stood up and stood over her masturbating into my hand. When finished I took some of the sperm with my finger tip and put it onto her lips, nipples and legs. 

This continued the whole week and to this day she does not know anything about it. I also watched her getting undressed though the door. 

This was not my first time doing her like this but that is another story.

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