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Aunty Maggie

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is work of erotic fantasy only!

My story begins when I was just 18 years of age. Other lads used to comment on the size of my prick.
I used to wank three or four times a day trying different things like cutting a peach in half and rubbing my prick in between. Another favorite was one of my sister’s teddies. I put a split between the legs and used to hump it making sure I pulled out before I shot my load. 

Anyway back to when I was 13. My aunt on my mum’s side had just got divorced after many years of marriage and was staying at my grandmother’s house until she got herself sorted out.

It was usual for me to stay there myself on a Friday night to help Nan with her shopping on the Saturday.
On this particular Friday night my Aunt Maggie had a bath and came into the lounge wearing her night gear and a dressing gown. All three of us watched TV until about 10 pm when Nan said that she was going to bed.

We said goodnight and carried on watching the TV. Aunt Maggie who had been sharing the sofa with Nan got herself more relaxed by laying stretched out. While getting into the position her legs opened up and I caught a glimpse of her panties. Being highly sexed, as I was this gave me an erection which I was sure that Aunt Maggie could see as she kept looking towards my crotch.
Nothing else happened until about an hour later when we went to bed.
Aunty rose from the sofa putting on leg on the floor, which again caused her panties to be seen. I kept looking and she seemed in no hurry to put the other leg down on the floor. Again I got an erection. This was a problem because I knew that I would have to stand up and my throbbing prick would be sticking out. I am sure that I went red as I got up from my chair facing straight at my aunty. The expression on her faced did not alter but I could see that once again her eyes were looking at my private area.

She stood up and hugged me giving me a peck on the cheek and wishing me a goodnight. Before she let go she seemed to pull me a little closer to her body because I could feel her breast against my chest and my rock hard piece of meat was in contact with a lower part of her body.
Once in bed I could not get what happened out of my head. My prick was stick in an erect state so I had no choice buy to wank off. I tried to think of lots of thing to pull my meat to but they all kept coming back to aunty and what she looked like naked.
Four times that night I shot my load and every time I came I was in my mind having sex with aunt Maggie.

The following morning I over slept and my Nan had already gone shopping when aunty knocked on my door and walked in.
She kept on at me to get up because I was needed to bring the shopping back. I just lay there not wanting to rise. Aunty started to shake me but I would not get up. She then threatened to pull me out. I told her she was not strong enough. Aunty Maggie then stated to pull at the covers that were covering my naked body. This gave me an erection. We fought over the covers for a few minutes until with a sharp tug she manage to pull them to the floor whist losing her balance and falling on me on the bed.

The I was naked and with the biggest hard on I can remember with a female on top of me. Auntie’s legs were either side of my body and I could feel a warm damp hairy piece of her rubbing my waist. My cock must have been against the crack of her bum.

I held onto her and we rocked about then she seemed just to shake her bum and I felt a wetness over my pubic hair. Aunty had her eyes closed and a smile on her face and her breathing was kind of slow and deep. I looked up at her and started to try to turn her over. Auntie’s eyes opened and her face came down to mine. As if we were made for each other we began to kiss. First little touches of the lips then longer kisses and tongues touching. My cock was aching I needed release but did not want this to end.

I told aunty Maggie that my balls were ready to burst and she just smiled, turned round and began to wank me. It was only a short wank as this was my first time with another hand on my cock before I came. 
Aunty asked if I enjoyed what has just happened all I could do was nod. 

We kissed again and this time aunty took hold of my hand and placed it on her breast inside of her nigh tie. I felt my first breast – my first nipple. The feeling was wonderful and with aunties guidance I was able to bring her to a mini orgasm. Aunty should me how to suck her nipples then tug the lightly with my teeth then harder until they were quite big. 

Instinct then took over and I lifted her nightie over her head and started to kiss my way down her body. From her titties down to her belly button then lower still until my nose was in her dark thick pubic hair. I smelt my first pussy and I liked it. Down I went with my tongue through the pubic hair and on to the very wet lips of her cunt.

Aunty opened her legs wide very wide and I saw for the first time the inside of a female sex organ. It was shiny with moisture and had a large button near the top that looked like a baby penis. I touched it with I finger and aunty jumped. I thought that I had hurt her so I pulled away. Put your finger back auntie said so that is what I did. I held it there against her baby cock while she bounced up and down on the bed. 

More juice was leaking out of her hole it looked like she was pissing herself. I put my other hand into the wetness then put a finger in my mouth. The taste was nice so closing my eyes I put my face between her legs and began licking the flowing juice.

Aunty asked me to chew on her clit which threw me a bit until she carried on by saying the little button your finger was playing with. I got the message so with fingers mouth and tongue I was able to bring aunty to another orgasm this time she made a lot of noise and my face got covered in a sticky wetness.
After a few minutes aunty said that she needed to go for a wee. I thought this strange because I believed that she had just had one on the bed. No she explained. women have a cum like men only theirs is clear. She got off the bed to go to the toilet when I asked if I could come to so that I could see the difference between her cum and her piss. It’s a bit kinky she said but OK.

When we got to the toilet she took control and said kneel down and I will stand over the bowl. Aunty then began to let a small trickle of wee wiched splashed in to the water in the bowl. Then it began to flow harder. What a turned on. I held my cock in one hand and put my other hand into the flow of piss then on to her cunt spreading her lips to see more. When the flow stopped I tickled her clitty again then she sat down on the loo. Stand up she said. I did my hand still around my prick squeezing the end gently so as not to cum to soon. Aunty Maggie moved my hand away and lent forward to kiss my cock. What a feeling then without warning took me fully into her mouth and began sucking and licking while cupping my balls. Then she put a finger near my arsehole trying to enter. Bang my spunk shot up my prick straight into her mouth before I could warn her. She did not seem to mind just kept sucking on my prick and fondling my balls.

When I was done I told her that I now needed a piss.
Aim between my legs she said moving as far back on the loo as she could.

I took aim then just before I was about to piss she took hold on my cock and aimed it at her cunt. Go she said let it come. My piss came out fast and straight right onto her pubic hair. I began to get hard again and aunty told me to stop the flow which I did by squeezing the base of my semi erect young prick.
Aunty Maggie stood up and turned around the bent over the loo. Opening the cheeks of her bum she told me to aim at her hole and carry on pissing.
My piss flow started again into her arse and over her cunt while all the time I was getting harder. When I finished I just lent forward and my cock brushed aunties wet arse. It seemed the natural thing to do and within a few seconds I was at the entrance to my first cunt my first fuck.

Slowly inch-by-inch my prick moved inside that warm moist hairy cunt of my auntie. When I was fully inside I just stopped still not believing that I was having sex and not having my normal wank.

Holding aunty Maggie by the waist I began to thrust in and out of her hole. While I was doing this she started to rotate her arse giving me more pleasure. I moved faster and harder inside the soft walled pussy and my left hand found her nipple which I fondled. I was getting near to cumming and told auntie. Let it cum its OK I’m on the pill she said. That was it with legs shaking I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

To be continued…………

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