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Aunt Kara's shocking surprise

(Part 1 from 1)

 Well to start off I should explain something about myself seeing as I do not fit into a girls normal "dreamboats" view in appearences. At 14 I was skinny as a rail due to a lung defect (genetic, but I will only say back then it was thought it would kill me) and other side effects of the illness, I was plain in the looks department but was , as my doctor once said, hung like a donkey. I was very fortunate I did not have to take gym in highschool so my schlong would not peek out of bottom of shorts. Yes I was that big, eleven and a quarter inches in length and as thick as my wrist with the crown a little wider , which can be a hassle at 14 when you get a sudden stiffy.
Now my Aunt Kara is the youngest of 5 sisters (my mother being second youngest) and she was a looker that made mens cocks pop up when she was seen. At 5 foot 2 inches and I don't know how much she wieghed but the large 36c tits that stretched the tank tops she loved to wear made even me drool and I was her nephew. Aunt Kara had long, wavy black hair that came to her waist and brown eyes with green flecks in them. Her lips were always smiling and her teeth bright. The legs on her were perfect and she loved to show them off in miniskirts while wearing thongs!! So now you know who we are but what happened when I was 14 was even unexpected by me.
Every friday after school I would go to my Aunt Kara's apartment instead of home and spend the night there so my Mother and Father could have "quality" time together. My Aunt and I would watch the tube or play games and listen to music then shower and hit the beds. This perticular friday would be different as on my way to her place some of the punks from school decided to turn me into a punching bag for a bit so by the time I did reach her place my cloths were torn and I was dirty and scuffed up with cuts and bruises. Upon seeing me she knew what had happened and things got interesting from that point. She had just got off work and was in a one piece white mini (thong included, she has a perfect ass by the way) that was sleeveless and buttoned around the neck leaving her back exposed. You could see the brown circles of her nipples through the material that seemed stretched to breaking point and her high heels made me wonder how she did not fall over. She took me inside treated my wounds and sent me to the shower to clean off but I had only a towel on when I came out since my cloths were a mess. Aunt Kara called me to the living room to apply bandaids to any cuts she thought needed them. Thats when things got hot.

"Sit down on the couch Hon and I'll get the bandaids." Aunt Kara (Refered to as Kara from here) said and left the room

"ok". I replied and sat in center of couch. Kara returned shortly with a box of bandaids and bottle of peroxide.

"The peroxide will sting. sorry about that". Kara spoke with a look of regret for the pain she would cause. " I'll grab the cotten balls."

Kara stepped in front of me standing between the coffetable and myself. She turned away from me and bent over to grab a bag of cotten balls underneath the other side of the coffe table but when she did her skirt slid up and I recieved a perfect view of her great ass and the thong sliding between he pussy lips! She seemed to be shaved down there and my cock got instintly stiff and began to poke out of my towel. I began to panic and tried to cover my growing shaft up, thinking of cold water and old ladies to make me go success. So I tried embarrasment.

"Uh...Aunt Kara? umm..I can see up your skirt."

"What?!" Kara stood up fast but in doing so she lost her balance and fell towrads me..I freaked because I thought my pecker was about to be slammed off and I would be a eunich for life! Thats not what happened though because she landed on my lap with my shaft passing the thong string and slamming into her cunt the full length.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" Kara croaked out as she felt it slam into her pussy. It was hot and wet around my shaft and extreamly tight and then there was this clenching of her clit around my prick and she began to tremble and juice shot past me cock. Shit! I thought she came!

"Aunt Kara? I'm sorry ! It was an accident are you ok?" I was worried I hurt her

"Uh huh I'm ok Hon and its alright I know it was an accident." Kara whispered hoarsly and just sat there as another orgasm rocked her."You huge! Oh GOD I'm coming againnnnn!!"

I was amazed because she did not move off as My now Throbbing cock was twitching inside her with her going through four more orgasms. She then began with her left hand massaging her left tit and the right cupped my balls from between her legs.

"mmmmmm sooo big!" Kara moaned. I took this as a hint and reached up and unbuttoned her skirt top and watched it slide down. She moved he left hand as I slide mine around and cupped her tits and squeezed."ooohh yes Honey pinch them."

"Aunt Kara your pussy is so tight I want to..." I moaned myself as I thrust up by reflex.

"YES! oh god yes fuck me!" Kara screamed so I started thrusting up and down feeling her fantastic cunt rap around my shaft and hitting her rock bottom while she ground her hips on my shaft.

" Yeah! Fuck me..fuck me good honey. ram my pussy good" kara came a few more times and then I felt a tightening of my ball.

"I'm going to come!" i said and Kara got off and turned around so I could see her fantastic tits and she dropped to her knees and swallowed three quarters of my cock and started sucking for all she was worth. Her tongue rapped around my shaft and I began fucking her mouth till I groaned and shot a wad down her throat and my breathing was very labored. She swallowed almost all of it and then looked up at me and smiled.

" I can't believe we just did this. I have fucked guys before but never came so much till now. Oral never got me off and I love anal and never came so hard as tonight. Its wrong Hon..your my nephew and it shouldn't have happened." She handed me my puffer and I took a jolt," We really should not have but your so huge!"

I smiled as she took off her wet cloths. She was totally nude kneeling in front of me. I wanted another blowjob or to fuck her cunt again but she turned around and my cock stiffened as she leaned over the coffe table to get something. I could not control myself and I slid my cock right up her ass. half of it only fit.

"SHIT! Honey...uuuhhhhhhhhh..!" Kara screached as I began fucking her ass and squeezing her big tits. "uh..uh..uh..uh..uh..ok...just...this...once...OH GOD YES!"

I pumped for fifteen minutes and watched her come twice then shot a load right up her ass and we both collapsed in between the couch and coffe table. she turned to me and held me and I sucked her big tits the we kissed and she sighed.

"That was really great Hon..umm after you rest could you fuck me some more?" Kara said nervously and smiled.

"Sure", I said, "If you don't mind I want to fuck you all night."

"I don't mind. Just this once though and never again. I'll be a total whore for you tonight but then we go back to the way it was". she smiled again

"ok" I replied and I fucked her senseless till 3 am.

Since then I fucked her 6 more times always at her asking and then there was the time with my mom but thats another story...

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