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An Arab Woman's First Sexual Encounter

(Part 1 from 1)

Amal waited anxiously at the airport. The flight had been delayed due to weather and the airport monitor mounted above the Qatar Airways customs desk showed that Sargon's flight had arrived and that the passengers were clearing customs. Amal had known Sargon since just prior to her freshman year at university. She had met him in an online chatroom. He chatted about things with such depth that she had continued chatting with him. She learned that he was in the U.S. Army Reserves and, at the time, would be mobilized shortly to serve in the conflict in Iraq. Upon hearing the news of his impending deployment, she agreed to meet him in Paris, France. She remembered how cold it had been, even in late spring of 2006. And how eager Sargon had been to hold her and to keep her warm, shielding her from the biting cold wind that seemed to be blowing from the Pyrinees Mountains. They had spent a glorious 3 days together. He had spent close to $3000 to visit her. And he had treated her with respect, refusing to yield to the temptations that he felt to touch his lips to hers, even under the soft, spring Parisian rain, that fell like a light, silken sheet under the Eiffel Tower, as he held her close to her. She smiled to herself as she remembered him breaking the embrace, because he, as he had stated, had a physiological response that he didn't want her to be aware of. He was so tender when he held her that night, even as he kissed her on her eyes. Now, 11 months later, Amal waited for Sargon, her “first love,” to finish with customs so that he could begin his leave with her. 

Sargon finally came through the door, and Amal hid herself to tease him. She had teased him often since he was deployed, mostly during their rather intense phone sex sessions. Somehow, she still wasn't certain how it had happened, whenever they would talk at certain times of the month, they would wind up having phone sex. She was always aware of the effect that Sargon's words had on her. He was adept at detailing exactly what he wanted to do with and to her. He never failed to express her fluids with his words causing her panties to be completely soaked when she finished talking to him. She would even moan on the phone to show her appreciation. This, in turn, caused him to become aroused, even more than she expected from a man who had gone 7 months without sex, in a war zone. 

Sargon had seen her even before she decided to obscond herself behind one of the pillars in the terminal. He caught her gaze. Although she knew he was 37 years old, he still looked like he was 26. He came to her and gave her a kiss on each cheek, as was customary.

Amal led Sargon quickly to the train station. Their plan had been to spend the week in Marrakech. To do so, they would have to catch the train from Muhammad V Airport to Casablanca Oasis and then southward, from there, to Marrakech. Amal could see that Sargon was exhausted, but he was so happy to be near her, that he stayed awake and conversed with her for the duration of the train trip. She wore a jacket, eventhough it was quite warm and she wondered if Sargon had noticed the wet pools of sweat that had gathered under her armpits, when she had reached up to retrieve some snacks from the overhead compartment. 

Three and a half hours later, the train reached Marrakech. The plan was for Sargon and her to spend 5 days at her friends' apartment. The only thing that Sargon had asked for was that she might spend the night with him, sleeping, since he was probably drained, physically. He had told her that as long as he got to sleep while holding her, he didn’t need anything else. She knew better. Countless hours of phone sex made him a liar with this statement. They waited for the taxi which took them to her friends’ apartment. Her friends had asked Amal if she and Sargon would like to go to the club that night. Sargon had wanted to, but she could see that he was so tired. She could see that he needed to sleep. One of Amal’s friends had sacrificed her room for Sargon, and told Amal that she could sleep in another bed with her. Amal said that it would be too crowded and that she would just sleep in the same room with Sargon.

Sargon had begun unpacking his belongings, and Amal couldn’t wait for her friends to go to the club. She could already feel her vagina beginning to “blossom” thinking of what it might be like to be alone with Sargon, in a room, with a door closed. And he was blissfully unaware of what she had planned upon her friends' departure to the club.

Amal’s friends came to her and told her that they were going to the beauty salon before going to the club and that if she and Sargon needed anything, they could have anything in the apartment since. “Our house is your house."

Amal waited for her friends to close the door and then, to make sure, waited until she heard the door downstairs close. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She ran into Sargon’s room and closed the door. He was asleep, but stirred when she came into the room. She laid down next to him, looking at him. He was clearly spent. But his eyes fluttered open and he smiled. She began to caress his hair. He wasted no time, and gave her a kiss on the lips. “Oops,” he said, “I guess I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” She returned the kiss and rolled on top of Sargon. Her breathing became heavy, and she could feel the moisture coming from her vulva.

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Sargon, who knew what was happening to her, began to caress her back softly, working his hands lower and lower until his finger tip was at the top of her ass. She let out a soft moan. She did not know how to french kiss, never having been kissed, and her version of it was more like eating Sargon’s mouth. Sargon, who was amused at the manner in which she French kissed, pulled away, breaking the kiss, and began kissing her neck. She could feel her nipples hardening. Sargon kissed her neck and took her jacket off, working his hands back down into her pants, touching her plump ass. She could feel Sargon’s penis becoming harder. “Is that your cock?” she teased. The sound of her voice referring to his "cock" had a noticeable effect. He pushed his hand further down on her ass and began kissing her on her lips again. She again “ate” at his mouth and, again, he pulled away. 

Sargon took his right hand and worked it up under her shirt. “Sargon, I don’t think you should….” It was too late, he had already gone under her bra and was rubbing her nipple. She didn’t have large breasts, or even medium-sized breasts, but Sargon seemed to enjoy them as much as she imagined he had enjoyed larger breasts. He pulled her blouse all the way up and moved his mouth to her nipples, licking all around her areola and then taking her hard nipple into his mouth. “Honey, please don’t suck them, or my mother will see them next time I go to the hammam.” He continued only to lick them. He took his right hand and slowly started putting it down the front of her pants. “Sargon, please… please…”

“You have a lot of hair, Amal. I have never liked a lot of hair, but, on you, it’s perfect.” Amal, didn’t feel that that was the case. She had always had a lot of hair, and she meant to get it waxed, but she thought if she did get it waxed, it would be giving him permission to fuck her. Now, she wished she had. “Amal, I want to eat your peach. I want to lick your pussy.” “No, please… I’ll.. “ Sargon had already pulled her pants and her wet panties down. He took her finger, and made her touch her wet cunt. He took her finger and sucked the wetness off of it. Amal shivered. Sargon parted her curly mounds of pubic hair with his fingers, opening her pussy and began to eat her, licking every part of her pussy. He licked every fold and every crease expertly. She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. He would not stop. He licked all the way down around her hymen, and all the way back up on her hard clitoris. He knew where to lick. He took his hand left had and rubbed her nipple, squeezing it hard. She winced a little bit because of the pain, but then felt how pleasurable the pain felt as it coursed through her body. Another wave of pleasure came, shaking her body in a climaxing orgasm. Sargon took his finger and inserted slightly into her vagina. She felt her hymen strain. “Not too deep honey. Don’t take my virginity.” 

Sargon withdrew his finger a bit, there was some blood on the tip of his middle finger. He got up and took his pants off. He came back down on top of Amal, and started rubbing his dick against her pussy. She loved it. She needed his cock inside of her. “You know I’m not going to take your virginity, right, Lover?” She heard the words, but wished that he would. 

“Sargon, can you kiss my ass, please?” 

He moved to the back of her, having her get on all fours. “I’ll tell you what, Princess. I’ll put my tongue right here, and you move your body to where you want me to kiss.” She felt his tongue on her right ass cheek. She moved her body to the right and up so that his tongue rested on her asshole. She moaned, grunting. Sargon licked her asshole. She had so much hair, but still he licked her. He then moved downward so that he was licking her pussy. 

She realized that she was not doing anything to pleasure Sargon. But, she was enjoying herself so much. She did nothing. She wouldn’t let him fuck her, or give him a blow job. She knew she was selfish, but if he loved her, that came with the package.

He slowly pulled his head and body between her legs. He quickly used his weight to get on top of her. “Sargon.. .please don’t!!!” He became aggressive as if reading her thoughts. He got on top of her, rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. Then he got on top of her, and began to masturbate himself. His cock was so big. She couldn’t imagine anything that big going into her tight, virgin pink hole. She felt compelled to kiss and lick his cock. She kissed it and he pushed it into her mouth. She gagged on it. It wasn’t even a fifth of the way in her mouth. He withdrew his tool and resumed masturbating himself….. while masturbating her swelling clit with his left hand…. She felt Sargon begin to jerk and spasm. He moaned loudly. She moaned as Sargon rubbed her clit to her second orgasm, and just as she opened her mouth, a warm shot of Sargon’s cum splattered on the corner of her mouth. Some of it went into her mouth and some of it ran down her cheek. He continued his orgasm, each spasm bringing with it a shot of his seed which hit her in her eyes, cheek, her neck and her breasts. When he finished his orgasm, Sargon took his finger, and smeared some of the cum on her cheek into her mouth. “Suck it,” he demanded. She did. The taste was revolting to her. 

Sargon got dressed and fell asleep. He knew that she would feel guilty about what they had done. He had done what he could, while respecting the constraints she had put on him in keeping her virginity, eventhough she was sure that her hymen was now broken. The guilt Amal felt was overwhelming. Just then the athan for the Maghrib prayer sounded. She would have to shower and then do her salat. She would do many salat tonight as an act of contrition, in spite of the fact that she wanted Sargon to give her pleasure her body again and again.

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