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A sunday at daddys

(Part 1 from 1)

My mom had just dropped me off at my dads for the day, they had been divorced for a few years, and I usually spent Sunday after church with him, but this sunday would be different, I had been planning this Sunday for a very long time. I had just turned sixteen and I guess my hormones were raging, with sex ed in school, and all my girlfriends doing it, I new my time had come too, but I wanted my first time to be with someone special, and that someone special was going to be my daddy.

As soon as my moms car was out of sight, I went in through the garage and slipped my panties off and pulled my skirt a little higher. Daddy met me at the back door with a great big hug, he always smelled so good, great to see you baby girl, he said, I told him to save that thought, because I had my big math test back, and it didn't look good, so, he took the paper from me and scanned the grade, a great big D, this isn't good girl, yes daddy, I know I did study hard I just cant get math down, well, my daddy is a firm believer in burning my butt when I did bad, and this was no exception, to the chair girl he barked, oh boy, here it cums, as daddy settled into his big chair, he reached out for my arm and pulled me across his lap, I could feel the air rush out of his lungs when he lifted my skirt and saw my bare ass, what's this girl, he demanded, I told him I had a slight accident at church and had to remove them, no matter he said, and started my spanking, after the first hard slap of his open palm, my legs spread a bit, and gave him a hint of my bald tight pussy, it took him a moment to recover from this, but down came another hard blow, ouch daddy, that hurts, please stop, but on he went with his punishment, after the tenth slap to my reddening ass, my right leg slipped off his leg, giving him prime view to my hot cunt, before he could catch himself his hand fell right on my hot wet pussy lips, a moaned escaped his lips, and I could feel something under my tummy growing quite large, ya know girl, my daddy says, if I didn't know any better, I would think you're enjoying this, yes daddy, it does feel good when your hands touch my pussy, please daddy, rub my pussy for me, were did you hear such gutter talk from girl, have you let a boy touch you, no daddy, all my girl friends are doing it, and I want to do it too, but I want my first time to be with you, my daddy. 

He threw me to the floor, just staring down at me, I had no idea what was going through his head, but I was soon to find out, he quickly grabbed me by the hair and drug me through the kitchen and onto the kitchen table, with my ass very close to the edge. He was walking around the table, watching me, thinking of what to do with me , with a fast move I didn't see coming, he had snatched my blouse from my body and tore my bra off, reaching down to my skirt, he pulled it off, and laid me down flat on the table, he went around to the chair between my legs, and very gently, pulled my legs apart, let me see what you have girl, he ordered, I had no clue what he was doing as he sat down right in front of my pussy, I know he could feel the steam rising from it, and then he licked me, oh I was in heaven, he licked my pussy lips, pulling on them, he licked down to my ass, I was raising it off the table for him, but when he wrapped his lips around my clit, I exploded, I must have cum a whole gallon, because when daddy stood up, he had cum dripping off his chin. So you want me to fuck your virgin cunt, eh? 

Oh yes daddy, I want to feel you inside me, fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl, ok baby doll, you asked for it, and you're gonna get it, with that he undone his belt and let his pants hit the floor, what I saw there, scared the wits out of me, I started scooting up the table, trying to escape the thirteen inches of hard cock my daddy had waiting for me, no daddy, no, you're too big, you'll kill me with that, oh no baby girl, he said, I'm just gonna split that sweet little baby cunt open, and fill it up with my hot cum, now come here and take daddy's dick, and guide it into that sweet pussy for me, slowly, I backed down, till daddy's cock touched my cunt, and he roughly grabbed my hips, and slammed that huge dick inside my tiny little pussy, oh god no, daddy noooo, you're splitting me open, oh baby, he said, that was just the head, lay back and relax, you're in for it now, he forced my legs as wide as they would go and started pumping his mammoth cock inside my pussy, oh baby, he said, you're so hot and so tight for daddy's dick, I'm gonna have to ram these last few inches up your cunt, and bust that sweet pussy open enough to get my large cock all the way in, after saying that, daddy reared back, grabbed my hips, and slammed all his dick into me as hard as he could, the white hot pain flashed through my body in an instant, but daddy didn't care about my pain, he was steadily pumping his meat up my torn pussy, he was driving it in me like a madman possessed, and telling me how his always wanted hot little cunt for years, oh baby, fuck your daddy, you wanted this you know, he said, now fuck your daddy, show him what a good girl you are, hearing my daddy talk like that, the pain was starting to be replaced by a good feeling, it started in the pit of my tummy, and was working down to my tingling pussy now, I started moaning, oh daddy, its feeling good, don't stop daddy , I cried, fuck me daddy, fuck your baby girl, yesss daddy, your big cock is filling me up, fuck me dad, fuck me, cum inside my pussy daddy, hearing the nasty words coming from his little girls mouth must have sent him over the edge, because he started groaning, oh yes baby girl, daddy's gonna fill up that sweet baby cunt of yours, I'm cumming princess, daddy's cumming in your pussy, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss babyyyyy girlll, we both went over the edge then I felt his giant cock pulse deep within me, pouring pint after pint of his hot daddy seed deep inside my tiny cunt, and that made me cum buckets too, after we caught our breath, I sat up and smiled, and kissed the top of his head, thank you daddy, for being my first lover, your welcome baby girl, you know I always give you anything you want, with that being said, daddy pulled me down onto his lap, and I felt the enormous head of his still hard cock pop inside my tiny asshole, but, that's another story!

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