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A Very Hot Sexy Cruise

(Part 1 from 1)

 Mike was on his way home after knocking off for the week on a Thursday afternoon. He decided to stop at the titty bar for a coulple of beers and to look at some hot sexy legs. The third dancer that got up on stage was a little older than the first two. Mike liked older women anyway, around 35 was perfect. He couldn't help but notice how hot and sexy she was. She had a perfect body, big tits, very nice and shapely legs and ass. Her body was very tight and she had a beautiful tan.

After a few dances, she walked over to the bar and sat down. It was time for Mike to make his move. He walked over to gorgeous brunette and said, "Hi, I'm Mike. Would you like to join me for a drink?" She responded, "Hi, my name is Sue and I'll gladly go sit with you. She told him to sit down at a table and she would bring them each a drink. Mike picked the table in the corner, which had very little light around it.

They made small chat for a while. Then Mike started rubbing Sue's back and fine sexy thigs. He wasn't going to stop unless she asked him to. She must have liked it because she put her hands on Mike's thigh. She told him that she would be off a few days off after that night. He said, "Me too. A couple of friends were supposed to meet him for the weekend. At the last minute they had to cancel. Now I'm stuck with a room on the beach for two nights. Maybe you would like to join me for a fun weekend. She said, "Sure, I don't have anything else to do."
Mike picked up Sue about two o'clock the next afternoon. When they got to the motel they went for a swim. Then after going out for a nice romantic dinner they went back to the room. She said, Wait here, I'll be right back. When she came out of the bedroom, she was wearing a hot, pink lacy teddie. Mike's jaw dropped. He said, "Wow, I knew you were sexy, but you look absolutely incredible. It didn't take them long before were in bed making wild passionate love. They stayed in bed almost the whole weekend exploring each other's bodies.

When they got back to Sue's apartment, they went inside. Sue told him that somebody just bought the apartments and they'll be tearing it down to build something else. She said, "I only have two weeks to move out." Mike asked where she would go. She said, "I don't know yet, I don't really hav enough money for another apartment, mostly because of the deposit. Maybe I'll with friends until I get back on my feet. Mike responded, "I have and apartment next to my house. The renters had to move. I have some work to do on it, but when I finish, you can stay there for free." She said, "Thanks, I don't know how I'll pay you back." Mike looked up and down at her sexy body and said, "No problem, you can just come and spend the night once in a while." He told her that he would be there next weekend with a van and some friends to help her move into his house until he got the apartment ready.

The apartmet was ready in a few weeks. Mike asked her if she was ready to move in. She said, "Why would I want to move into the apartment, when I can stay here with you." He told her, "We must be on the same page. I was hoping that you would say." They got married soon afterward.

For about the first 6-8 months, the sex was nothing but great. But then it got to be, Mike was getting the same old hole and Sue was getting the same old pole. They sat down like two civil adults to discuss the situation. Mike suggested swinging. Sue said, "Well I have to be honest with you. You never asked me about my past, but actualy in one of my relationships, my boyfriend and I did try swing for a while. I would evem get invited to bachelor parties that would get pretty wild. It was usually between five and twelve guys. I was young and needed some extra cash. I would charge them so much for a redular batchelor party and I alway told them about my rules. My first rule is that would be no sex involved. Then I started going to parties with wealthy clients. When they would offer me enough money to be their sex slave, I would do anything from gangbangs to blowbangs. I liked sex and it was good money. Please forgive me for not telling you about it before. I was too ashamed and I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'm really sorry.

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I walked over to her, put my arms around her, and squeezed her. I looked at her and said, "Don't worry about it, I'm not gong to ask for a divorce over something that happened long before I knew you. The past is the past and I was a male slut anyway. You told me a secret, now I'm going to tell you one. I said, "You must have been in your early twenties. Do you remember going to that big mansion on the hill by the lake." She thought about it for a minute and said, "That was so long ago, I'm not sure." I told her, "That was my friends house. I got invited to a bachelor party over. I remember being so pissed off because I got call to go too work a few hours befor the party. The next time I saw my buddy, Jack, he was saying how he wished I could have been at the bachelor party. He said it got so wild that I wouldn't believe it. So he pulled out a tape to show me what happened. There was this incredible hot looking woman on her hands and knees sucking and fucking all the young guys in the room. I think there were 10 or 12 guys. He gave me a copy of the tape. I used to watch it over and over again to get turned on. I have't seen it in years, but I found it last week so I popped it in the tape player. I noticed that the woman had an unusual birthmark near her ankle. Then it hit me. You have the same birthmark in the same spot. After all these years, I just found out that it was you. I don't love you any less. I promise."

Well, the swinging definitely improved their sex life. After 8 or 9 months after they started swinging, something happened one night that really put some sparks in Mike and Sue's sex life. They were in bed with a couple and the other man reached over and touched Mike's cock and started playing wth it. Mike was so shocked, he didn't even move. Then the guy asked Mike if he could suck it. Sue said, "Go ahead Honey, you might even like it. I love watching men suck other men. It really turns me on." It was so good that Mike returned the favor.
By now, Mike was 45 and Sue was 40. They had been together 5 years. They were planning a badly needed vacation but couldn't decide where to go. One day Sue ran into an old friend she used to dance with. Kathy asked Sue if she heard about the dancer/swinger's cruise that would be coming up soon. Sue said, "No, but I'm glad you told me about it. Mike and I are going on vacation and we didn't know where to go. This sounds perfect. I'm sure Mike would love it.

The first night on the boat, Mike and Sue went to a party for dancer's and their mates only. The dancer's were asked to bring any tapes or dvd's they had of them dancing in previous years. Sue had quite a few tapes. She even has a few dirty ones that she starred in. She's been having them, but would never show them to me before.

It was early, so the room wasn't too crowded. In each corner there was a video with different dancers on each one. In one corner we saw there was one of Sue dancing. There were five guys watching it. These men were sexy hunks with nicely shaped bodies. There was an empty table next to them so we sat down. The guys couldn't keep their eyes off the screen. Sue asked them, "Do you guys think she's hot?" They all said, heck yea. Sue said to one of them, "Take a close look at her face and then look at mine. One guy said, "She sure looks like you. Wait a minute, I think it is you. I suggested we put the two tables together. I went and asked the bartender if dancing on the tables was allowed. He said, "Sure, but all the private parts must remain covered.

I went back to the table. Sue got very close to the hunky guys. They would take turns rubbing her body all over. She was loving all the attention. I told Sue to take her clothes off but leave her panties and bra on. She did and got on top of the table to give the men a table dance. Their tongues were hanging out. They looked like some puppies waiting for a treat. After a couple of dances, Sue got down and we were all talking and laughting and having a good time. They noticed up on the screen that 5 dancers were dancing with Sue. They only danced a couple to times, then the tape stopped. They said, "Aw no, we wanted to see some hot steamy action. I told them that we were not allowed to bring any tapes involving nudity. Sue said, "We do have a copy of the rest of the tape that gets really hot and has some x-rated action on it. Would you like to see it? She looked at me and asked me if was OK to bring the guys to our room to show them some tapes. I said, "Let's go." When we got to the room Sue put in on of her tapes and went to the bathroom. When she came out she had on a very sexy nightie. She said, Now I'm going to get the sex tapes. She opened up the box and went to grab one.

The only tapes in there were regular movies. I must have grabbed the wrong box by mistake. Sue told the guys, "Well, I'm sorry but we don't have the tapes we were going to show you. But I have an idea. I remember how the tape ended with me and the five male dancers. We'll just do a re-enactment. She said, "OK, we're going to start dancing and stripping. They were all dancing, taking off their clothes very slowly. After a while, they were in their underwear. Sue told them to stop, and leave their underwear on for now. She went to the bathroom again. In a low voice Mike said, "If you offer Sue some money, she might let you have your way with her." They immediately went for their wallets to see what they could come up with. They managed to scrape up $300. When Sue came out, John offered her the money, and asked her is she would suck their cocks for the money." Sue said, "I don't know. Drop your shorts and let me see what you've got." They all dropped their underwear. Sue was looking at some of finest meat she had seen in a long time. They were all very big, thick long and rock hard. She said, "Oh Boy! This ought to be fun. I suck cock but I don't like cum in my mouth." They said it wouldn't be a true blowjob without cumming in her mouth. It's OK, Mike likes cum, so when you're about to shoot off, just put your cock in his mouth and blast off. They said, "That's cool." She took the money and put it up.

Then she sat down in a chair and said, "Allright, who wants to go first?" John walked up to her and put his huge cock in Sue's mouth. He must have been close to 10 inches long. Sue sucked cock like a pro. She would play his balls and stroke his cock and slide her mouth up and down, sometimes sucking easy and sometimes sucking very hard. She tried to deeptroat it, She could get it all in except for about 2 inches. She knew how to make most guys cum kind of fast. After sucking John for about only 2 or 3 minutes, John said, "I can't hold back any longer, I'm gonna shoot. He came over to me and right when he put it in my mouth he started gushing and squirting out a monster load. I kept swallowing it down my throat. I didn't want to spill a drop and get any on the carpet so I made sure to suck it long enough so that there wouldn't be any cum dripping. David was the next one to get a blowjob. He was a little smaller, but he was still about eight and a half or nine inches. The smallest cock was no less than eight inces. Three were circumcised, two weren't. It didn' matter to us. The cock sluts they are, we like 'em all. It didn't take too long for Sue to bring David's cock close to climax.

She was going to town, sucking and slurping and really enjoying herself. She loved the scent of a man and his cock. She sucked them all and I swallowed all their cum. We were in cocksucker's heaven. Just before they left, Sue told them to come back the next morning around 11:00 a.m. if they wanted to fuck. She said, "This time it'll be free." I just need to get fucked by some young hot studs. They got there at 11 o'clock a.m. sharp. They lined up gave her a good fucking. After they left, "Come here and clean up my pussy by eating my creampie. All I said was, "Yes dear." She knows I like eating well fucked cunt.

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